I'm busy, busy, busy 

I'm rushed off my feet at the moment combining two jobs. Before starring on The Only Way Is Essex, I had done some work in hair dressing and got a certificate in styling.

I have always loved working on people's hair so I was thrilled when my cousin Chloe Sims, who millions know from TOWIE, asked me to help out at her beauty salon in Brentwood. Chloe and I are so close - her dad and my late mother were brother and sister - and I have to say, I love my new job. I've never been so busy doing 'Frankie Blow Dries' - yes, you read that correctly (!) - and really developing my hair dressing skills. Chloe's salon is a huge success and I am learning all the skills needed to get a small business off the ground. As well as the hair styling, I am doing some of the make-up at the salon, too. I think clients love the idea of having someone from the telly sprucing them up. On top of all this, I am also helping out another friend at her boutique so it is all go, go, go for Frankie.

Lauren Goodger will be back looking sensational

You will have all seen the pictures of my close friend Lauren Goodger looking overweight in an orange bikini on holiday in Egypt. I'm still incredibly close to Lauren from our time together on TOWIE. Obviously, the pair of us have had the same yo-yo dieting problems for years. I am very proud of the fact that I have broken that cycle with help from Forza Supplements, who put me in touch with trainers who taught me to embrace a new healthier lifestyle.

With their help - and with fantastic new supplements such as Forza Raspberry K2 with Collagen which I am taking at the moment - I was able to end 10 years of my weight going up and down like West Ham in the Premiership! Forza has helped me to lose 21lbs since Christmas - and that weight is staying off. Lauren has gone through the same struggles.

I so admire the way she has reacted to the latest pictures. She has made absolutely no excuses and said that she is "disgusted" with the way she looks and she is going to do something about it. I know that Lauren is working incredibly hard to turn things around - including doing power walks with yours truly.

Yes, when we catch up for a natter these days we don't do it over a fattening glass of wine or tea and biscuits, we get on our gym kit and burn off a few calories. We were out on the streets on a power walk the other night - pounding the pavements and having a good chinwag at the same time. We did it in the pitch black, too - so we must be dedicated! I can tell you Lauren is really getting her act together and shedding the pounds.

I cannot wait to see new pictures of her nearer the summer back to her very best. People often asked me why my weight yo-yoed so much. It can happen so easily. You can easily slip into bad habits - eating the wrong things, particularly at weekends when booze can result in your guard coming down. Before you know it, you have put on a stone. What working with Forza taught me is one crucial word: discipline. Whereas before I could lose the weight, I too easily drifted back into destructive behaviour. Not any more: my body won't allow it. I have trained my body to need exercise. And I just don't feel right if I'm not out there getting in shape.

Joey 'The Eagle' Essex

I am on cloud nine today because it is my day off and my lovely young brother Joey popped in for a natter. It was the first time I had seen him since he won the ski adventure show on Channel 4 - beating the likes of Zara Phillips' husband, former England rugby star Mike Tindall. What is even more remarkable is that Joey had never skied before going on the show.

We never did it as kids but Joey took to it like a duck to water after travelling over from Austria at the start of January. Joey loves his ski-ing now after a month on the slopes. His good pal Tom Pearce from TOWIE is an ace snowboarder and I think they will probably have a few boys' trips to the slopes planned.

It was terrifying watching Joey on the show - particularly shooting down that giant ski jump. I spoke to him on the night of the triumph but today was the first time we had caught up face-to-face since Christmas. Joey was happy to be home. He was off to London for some retail therapy. If ever anyone has earned a few treats, it's my gorgeous brother Joey.

I love Keeping Up with the Kardashians

I'm a sucker for bit of American reality TV - and there is nothing better on TV than Keeping Up with the Kardashians. Boy, do those girls make some great TV. What I find especially admirable is how much they celebrate their curves. I've always been a curvy girl and I have always taken inspiration from celebrities with fuller figures who look great.

The Kardashians work their asses off - and have the bums to show for it. I haven't got a particular favourite: they are all winners for me. Kourtney is hoot and so his her sister Khloe and what else is there to say about Kim - she is the Queen Bee of all reality stars. What she has achieved in the last few years is nothing short of remarkable. Go girl!    

Georgia is one to watch

One of my favourite new characters in TOWIE is Georgia Kousoulou. She is another curvy girl who has lost a few pounds and is looking sensational. She is an absolute sweetie off screen and a great addition to the show. I think she is brilliant.

I'm nuts about coconut oil

I've made so many changes to my diet in the six months since I have been working with Forza. I've been introduced to so many great people who are experts on diet and nutrition and you learn something new from all of them.

One new trick I have learned to add taste to my cooking and eat more healthily is to use coconut oil. I love it and use it all the time which doesn't come cheap because it is £6 a bottle! But it is worth every penny. You may not know but extra virgin olive oil turns to fat once it has been cooked, so coconut oil is a far healthier alternative. Use it to bake some chicken in the oven or sprinkle it on some steamed broccoli with chilli flakes. Yum yum.  

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