- Top Gear are looking for a new presenter after weeks of controversy

- Jodie Kidd is said to be in the running to replace disgraced former presenter Jeremy Clarkson

- Kidd is a keen racing driver and lover of classic cars

Top Gear has been the topic on everyone's lips of late, and this is not only due to the now notorious behaviour of former presenter, Jeremy Clarkson. He was subsequently axed from the show after he punched a producer in the face.

Now people are keen to know who is going to be the new presenter of the much loved show. There has been much gossip over recent weeks about who it could be, and it is thought that the new presenter will be female! Jodie Kidd, a former supermodel, is just one of the celebrities in the running for the job and she certainly has the experience.

She not only is a lover of classic cars, Jodie loves the thrill of the race! She is a keen racing car driver and back in 2008 she won the title of Fastest Celebrity Lap on Top Gear. Jodie who is also a keen runner and in great shape, has remained tight-lipped as to whether she will be taking on the role. However, her silence speaks volumes and suggests to us that she may just be the woman for the job. Kidd may not be the first name that springs to mind when thinking of cars, but she would certainly bring a touch of style to the show.

The BBC have not yet decided who will take TV’s hottest presenting role, however Kidd who claims to be ‘a better driver’ than Clarkson certainly fits the bill. Would Jodie Kidd make a good Top Gear presenter? Let us know what you think.