There is just a month to go before I head off to Mallorca with the Forza team for my beach photoshoot.  I gave myself ten weeks to get a super-ripped body which wouldn't look out of place on a Victoria's Secret catwalk.

The good news is that my jelly belly has gone. I do get a lot of loose fat around my tummy which is particularly noticeable when I run - it wobbles just like a jelly, as you could see in those pictures Forza did of one of my early work-outs. Anyway, the jelly has stopped wobbling. But I still have a bit of work to do on my hips, where I do still get stubborn pockets of fat. I am countering this with some high intensity work-outs at the gym.

What many dieters don't realise is that you don't have to spend hours and hours in the gym to lose weight and get a great body. High intensity work-outs - where you pack some intense exercise into a 40 minute programme - are far more effective than more prolonged programmes which are more relaxed.

With Mallorca coming up fast, I am now doing TWO 40-minute sessions a day - one in the morning and one in the evening. It seems to be working as you can see from these new seflies showing my midriff. Look how much progress I have made since my jelly belly.


In a month's time, I am going to be super-ripped, just like my fella Jordan Clarke. This picture of him looking amazing is my inspiration. Thanks again to the team from Forza for all their helping in getting me in shape. A big part of my programme has been Forza's Multivitamin for Dieters.

Lovely Marnie Simpson from Geordie Shore lost 17lbs just after Christmas using the same product which basically makes sure that your body gets all the nutrients it needs when you switch to a low-fat diet and really start an intense exercise regime. It makes sure you get all the iron, calcium, zinc and vital vitamins you need when you are exercising heavily and fighting the flab. For a model like me that is mega important because it makes sure that my skin is clear and I am looking my best while my body adjusts to the new regime.  

Go Chloe Madeley

Some of you may have picked up on the row going on between Chloe Madeley at Katie Hopkins in the media. It all kicked off when Chloe posed for some fresh pictures showing the incredible definition she has achieved in her legs and tummy. Chloe has an incredible body - why shouldn't she show it off on social media? I love looking at pictures of Chloe in her gym wear.

Yes, the gear she is wearing is pretty skimpy but Chloe's has a perfectly toned body and she looks great. What is wrong with celebrating that fact? It's what social media was invented for. Anyone who watched me on Celebrity Big Brother knows I love Katie Hopkins. The woman is funny and razor sharp. She achieved maximum publicity by tweeting at Chloe's father, Richard Madeley of Richard & Judy fame, telling him: "Have a word with your daughter, love. Tell he to put it away, or put some clothes on."

She knew that by drawing Chloe's far more famous parents into the row she ensure that the Katie Hopkins 'brand' scored another hit. In this case, all she has done is focus attention on Chloe's sensational body.

Gyms and boyfriends don't mix

How many of you go the gym with your fella? My view is very firmly that gyms and boyfriends don't mix.  It's got nothing to do with your fella not seeing you looking all sweaty with your hair all over the place. What gets me when Jordan joins me down the gym is I cannot stand it when he tells me what to do.

He'll suggest that I do some more work on my abs and I will just go off on one. I've always been like that. This could create a problems with the football season coming to an end in the next few weeks. That means for around six weeks Jordan won't be at training every day and he will be kicking his heels at home.

He's not the type of play to relax during the summer - he'll be going down the gym and staying superfit. I've known some footballers who get absolutely bladdered when the season ends and let themselves go. Not my Jordan. Guess we are going to have to schedule our gym sessions at different times.              

I had a brilliant night at the WWE wrestling with Ferne McCann from TOWIE.            

Ferne is one the very funniest people I have ever met working in reality TV.             

She comes over brilliantly on TOWIE but is even more hilarious in the flesh. She had me in stitches.    

I'm proper grown-up

They say that moving house is the most stressful thing you can do and they are not wrong. 

I've been up to eyes in boxes this week as me and my future hubby Jordan move into our new home in Doncaster. It's a big commitment for us because it is the first time we have bought a home together. Previously I had been staying at his place.

Now I get the chance to create a beautiful home for the two of us and little dog Harley. I cannot wait. I'm proper grown-up for a 21-year-old!    

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