His cheeky smile and carefree approach to cooking won the nation over when he hit our screens 15 years ago. And it seems Jamie Oliver still has our hearts today. The Naked Chef has been voted Britain's favourite celebrity chef in a new FORZA survey, as well as the cook whose recipes we find easiest to follow at home. The survey also shows that Britons feel long time culinary queen and television staple Delia Smith is out of date, and that the famously sultry Nigella Lawson makes us fat. Jamie Oliver, 37, was picked as our number one by almost a fifth (23 per cent) of those polled - with Gordon Ramsay second (16 per cent) and Nigella Lawson third (11 per cent).

The least popular was Masterchef's John Torode, picked by just one per cent of the 1,000 people polled by diet and sports nutrition firm FORZA Supplements.Surprisingly, the nation's cookery queen Delia came second bottom with just two per cent of votes. Delia, 71, was also the chef voted most out of date - chosen by more than quarter of respondents (26 per cent), as being increasingly past her sell by date. Foul mouthed dynamo Gordon Ramsay was almost deemed by respondents to be outstaying his welcome on our TV screens with 12 per cent of the vote with the Hairy Bikers coming third (10 per cent). When it comes to actually picking up the spatula and heading into the kitchen ourselves, the nation's foodies reckon that Jamie Oliver's recipes are the easiest to follow - with 57 per cent saying his were the most reliable. Delia came second for reliability (14 per cent) and Nigella Lawson third (8 per cent). Unsurprisingly Heston Blumenthal, who is famous for his complicated and intricate recipes such as snail porridge, came bottom with just one per cent of the votes. One of the most interesting findings is that people feel that if you cook Nigella Lawson's recipes you are likely to have the most fun - but also most likely to pile on the pounds.

It is to be expected that people fear eating the famously voluptuous chefs food will wreak havoc with your waistline. The BBC2 star's chocolate hazelnut cheesecake, featured on her TV show Nigellissima, famously contains more than 7,000 calories.

 She was chosen as the most calorific chef by 49 per cent of those polled - beating the Hairy Bikers (11 per cent) and Delia Smith (9 per cent). But it's not just eating Ms Lawson's recipes that is why we blame her for piling on the pounds.

The kitchen temptress, Nigella also makes us hungriest when we watch her shows - chosen by 31 per cent, ahead of Jamie Oliver on 30 per cent and Gordon Ramsay (10 per cent) . Managing director of FORZA, who commissioned the survey said: 'I think Jamie won the poll because of the success of his cook books. 'Virtually all of us have got one of his books in our homes and any idiot can follow the instructions.

 'It is interesting that Delia has gone so quickly from the being the nation's favourite to being such a turn off. 'We are learning to love food more and become a bit more ambitious with our cooking. It’s why so many of us are over-weight. 'The days of Delia telling us all how to boil an egg are long gone. It's why Nigella is so popular. She has put the sex back into cooking. 'She'll make us all fat - but we don't care because we are having so much fun.' Read More: