• TOWIE star envious of brother Joey Essex’s 3-stone weight loss
  • Working towards reaching her target weight
  • Social media weight haters can do one

Reality TV star Frankie Essex has openly admitted to FORZA that she is envious of her brother’s weight. The stick-thin former I’m A Celebrity contestant Joey Essex, has lost a reported 3-stone during his time in the jungle, whereas Frankie has openly admitted that weight loss does not come easy for her.

She said “We are very different in that respect. I only have to look at a cake and it appears on my thighs.”

“Joey is very lucky – he has always had an amazing body without even trying.” “He lost three stone when he was in the jungle on I’m A Celebrity. He was dangerously thin when he came out but he soon recovered and got his old zip back.” Frankie admits that she regularly receives social media jibes about her weight. 

She said, “If you took all those comments seriously you would go insane and it would make you ill. The stick some people get, like my cousin Chloe Sims from TOWIE, is incredible.”

Frankie is brand ambassador for FORZA Supplements’ Raspberry K2 weight management product which is sold by Boots and Superdrug.