Blimey - what a week.  

You pose for some honest pictures for Forza Supplements - and all hell breaks loose. As a reality TV veteran, I am used to a bit of abuse on social media but this was unprecedented in terms of spite and outright lies.

Here are some of the comments: "I have just had a baby and I am in better shape."

"Is she stalking Lauren Goodger on her way to a fitness DVD."


Even my lovely boyfriend Jordan Clarke was getting it in the neck - he was called a 'two bob footballer.'


All the hate came from this picture of me running down the street and working out as part of my ten-week body blitz with Forza.

I have to admit I don't look great. I'm not proud of my body but this was at the very start of my work-out programme.

But a few facts first:

* The pictures are absolutely as they were taken - no photoshopping, nothing added or taken away. It is 100% me.

* I have NOT got a fitness DVD in the pipeline. All fitness DVDS come out just after Christmas: I'm working towards getting a fantastic summer bikini body with Forza.

I'm not going to sell a lot of DVDs if everyone sees me looking in great shape on the beach - six months before Christmas.

No much of a big reveal there. The truth is I put on a bit of weight when I was on Celebrity Big Brother and these pictures show that grim reality. I actually blame Nadia Sawalha from Loose Women for my problems and that horrible jelly belly.


She was basically chef in the CBB house and ended up ordering 20 packets of potatoes and putting me on a diet of pure carbs. Combined that with being couped up in a TV studio for three weeks and you are on the fast track to a diet disaster.

Now working with Forza, I am getting seriously back in shape. I am using pictures of Jordan showing off his sick-pack as my inspiration: I want a body as good as him.

He does have one big advantage: he is a professional athlete. He is paid to get in shape and works with expert trainers virtually every day. I love Jordan to death but he doesn't mince his words. He told me: "You had better make your gym your second home."

And that is what I am doing as well as working with the experts at Forza to get seriously ripped.


You can already start to see a bit of progress in these new pictures of me with me belly out.

They were taken today - around 10 days after those horrific gym pictures which everyone is talking about. I don't look great, I'll admit it. You will be able to see the progress I am making with the team from Forza every fortnight.

I do look better in the new pictures - that just after one very intense week working with the Forza team. Think what I will be like after TEN weeks. Yup, I'll be ripped just like Jordan.  

My future husband

A few people have picked up on my description of Jordan on Twitter. I call him 'my future husband.' It's just some banter we share at home. He calls me 'My future wifey.'

So are we engaged?


Do we intend to spend the rest of our lives together and eventually have children? 100% yes. We both have a time frame mapped out in our heads about how this will work and when we are ready to share this with the world, we'll let you know.

I must admit it can be a bit intimidating for a woman to have a boyfriend as ripped as Jordan. He is in phenomenal shape but he is also one of those lucky people who would be naturally slim and ripped even if he wasn't working out every day.

He's a bit like Joey Essex in that regard. Jordan can be a cheeky sod too sometimes - eating a McDonald's right in front of me when he knows I cannot go there! 

The celebrity hate mob

Hate mobs seems to be the flavour of the week, so I thought I would fill you in on a few of the celebrity spats I've been involved with. There's an old phrase: No friends in Showbiz. I don't think that is strictly true. I have some wonderful friends in showbiz such as Geordie Shore's Marnie Simpson, who has also been working with Forza Supplements (she lost 17lbs after Christmas taking their Multivitamin for Dieters which I am also using now for my summer body blitz). I am still at war with Vicky Pattison, who used to be on Geordie Shore and now apparently has got her own show called Judge Geordie. It seems a funny name for a show for a girl who was spared jail just a year ago for lamping a poor model with a stiletto heel at a Newcastle nightclub.

You'd think Vicky wouldn't want to see another judge for the rest of her life! We've been at daggers for a long time now and Vicky just won't let it lie.

She was at again during CBB - going on national TV and calling me a knob! Give it a rest, Vicky. I was stuck with you for over month filming Ex On The Beach and I know the real Vicky Pattison. The one you shield from the fans but you couldn't shield from the powers-that-be at Newcastle Crown Court.

The other celeb I cannot stand is Tommy Mallet from The Only Way Is Essex. He went looking for trouble on Twitter after I had retweeted a report about Jess Wright from Towie only selling 12 calendars at Christmas. Jess has been at pains to point out that she sold a lot more than 12 and the reports were untrue. 12, 15, 25, good luck to you, love. Seems funny that you need Tommy Mallet to fight your battles for you. He is a complete prat and should stay out of arguments which have nothing to do with him.  

Here comes the beach

I've got just less than two months till the end of my Forza weight loss challenge. I'll be in Majorca at the end of May doing a beach set with a body which wouldn't look out of place on a Victoria's Secret catwalk. That journey is going to require a lot of hard work.

I am currently at the gym four times a week. And I am being super strict with what I eat. I go everywhere with lots of tupperware boxes filled with chicken, fish, broccoli and other snacks which are part of my new high-protein diet. I am taking Forza's Multivitamin for Dieters to make sure my body gets all the nutrients it needs while I make this adjustment and get the body of my dreams. You'll be able to gauge my progress on this blog - so I'll see you here in two weeks with more selfies showing my progress. I cannot wait to share the good news.  

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