• Gwyneth’s family are all gluten intolerant including ex-husband Chris Martin
  • Jennifer Lawrence tells Vanity Fair  “It’s basically a no carb diet”

When they’re not acting or promoting something stars love to bitch about each other to keep their names in the press and Oscar winner Jennifer Lawrence is no exception to that rule.

In an interview with Vanity Fair the blonde star of The Hunger Games calls Gwyneth’s new diet “The new cool eating disorder”. Whilst the claws don’t come out any further in the interview, the tone has firmly been set and one can pretty much assume Ms Paltrow will be firing back soon.

There has been so much press around Gwyn’s new cook book “It’s all good” and her blog “Goop” that everyone on the planet is in no doubt how she has remained so skinny all these years. Gwyneth’s entire family are gluten intolerant and they get all of their protein from grains and protein shakes. Even Chris Martin, front man of Coldplay and ex-husband, is said to be intolerant. Basically if you want to follow Gwyneth’s diet to lose weight you will never eat another chip or Dorito and dip because carbs are out of the question.

FORZA HIIT celebrity trainer to the stars Ian Guildford says “This is all rather extreme, Hollywood A-listers all have personal trainers and nutritionists, they just don’t live in the real world. I’m a big fan of Jennifer Lawrence - she’s a total babe - but let’s face it, she doesn’t have to work an 8 hour day before thinking about how she’s going to fit in an extra hour to hit the weights”. Ian, who has given fat-burning workouts to Apprentice star Luisa Zissman, Binky Felstead from Made in Chelsea and Casey Batchelor from Celebrity Big Brother to name but a few, goes on to explain “A balanced diet and light exercise is all anyone needs to live a healthy life. “I don’t like to see a person going to such extremes to stay painfully thin, everything in moderation is what it’s all about; although I do understand that celebs are pressured constantly by photographers to look their best”.

Gwyneth, it’s over to you.