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A great day and an even better week

October 11, 2014

A great day and an even better week

What a week I've had. Having travelled around a few of our retailers to see how the FORZA products are selling in-store. All going well so far which is great news. The biggest delight to the start of my week was getting a call from the company solicitors to discover that we are now the official owners of the FORZA USA trademark. This took quite a bit of skillful negotiation but it’s done now and we can plan our assault on the US market.

On Wednesday we hired out a £4M house in Putney, West London for a video shoot with the gorgeous Casey Batchelor from Big Brother. The house was simply stunning and I can’t imagine what it would be like to live in such plush surroundings. Casey has been to Dubai and Ibiza this summer but is still in amazing shape thanks to a few FORZA products

The shoot was a big hit and I am assured that we are going to be delivered some amazing videos. We were lucky enough to be able to host Boots Pharmacy’s UK winner of our Facebook competition at the champagne video shoot. 

Sophie and Cristina came on to the opening of a new night club with us that evening in Mayfair before being whisked away on the last train back to Nottingham. 


Ian Guildford was on hand at the shoot as he will be training Casey in the coming weeks following her breast reduction. Ian is currently working hard with Frankie Essex for a photo-shoot next week; I've heard she looks great. Now at the end of the day on a Friday I look forward to a stress-free weekend with my beautiful family.

Enjoy the weekend,