Hi everyone - it's Frankie Essex here. Welcome to my second blog for Forza Supplements. As you can see from the pictures, I am back in the studio again doing my second shoot for Forza after my New Year body blitz.

I won't beat around the bush - it has been the month from hell! As I explained in my last blog, I had a great time over Christmas but my body certainly paid the price! Having got down to 10st 7lbs taking Forza Raspberry K2s in the autumn by adopting a healthier new regime with regular exercise and a low fat diet, my weight had crept up again to 11st 7lbs - a stone heavier - due to the festive excess. I had a clear goal from Boxing Day onwards - 10st dead or bust. Anyway, two weeks of this hell, combined with regular work-out sessions at home and almost a month off the booze, has seen me hit the magic 10! I've lost a fantastic 21lbs and am now lighter than I have ever been with a super slim waist of just 29 inches - the same as when I was 18.

I cannot thank Forza enough for their helping in getting me here. I've been taking two new Forza products to help me on my way. The first is Raspberry Ketone with Collagen. It is a brand new supplement with extra benefits for skin health. This unique product not only helps the body to burn more fat, it also contains collagen to ensure that the look and feel of the skin does not suffer from any potential changes in body shape.

It combines collagen with vitamin C, allowing users to maintain the positive health and appearance of the skin while also strengthening and protecting the cartilage, gums and teeth. In addition, this fruit-based supplement also contains choline, which has been scientifically proven to help the body break down fat cells quickly and more effectively. It is a revolutionary slimming supplement which is also stimulant-free - that means it can be used safely and effectively by anyone looking to shed a few pounds and improve their skin health. I've also been using another exciting new product from Forza -  Garcinia Cambogia with Sea Kelp.

Yes, you read that right - Sea Kelp. Kelps are seaweeds that grow in particularly shallow and nutrient-rich waters around the world. They've been eaten and used medicinally for hundreds of years in various forms, and are processed today, with some by-products commonly used in ice cream, salad dressings and even chocolate milk.

Forza use Sea Kelp because it is a natural source of vitamins A, B1, B2, C D and E, as well as minerals including zinc, iodine, magnesium, iron, potassium, copper and calcium. In fact it contain the highest natural concentration of calcium of any food - 10 times more than milk. So it is great for your teeth and bones. What's this got to do with weight loss? A University of Newcastle study concluded that fibres within Sea Kelp 'significantly reduce fat digestion and absorption' - much more so that most consumer slimming products. In simple terms that means: you can cheat a bit on your diet and not pay the penalty. This result of all this is that I am looking a feeling better than I have done in 10 years. I've got the body of a teenager!

There is just one thing that I need to put right - and that's my boobs! I'll tell you all those little babies (actually they are really rather big and that's the problem!!) in my next blog. Lots of love Frankie x

FORZA Raspberry Ketone with Collagen and FORZA Garcinia Cambogia with Sea Kelp will be available at Holland and Barrett from March 2015.  

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