Hello everyone and welcome to my first Forza Supplements' blog. Some of you may have seen how I lost two stone in eight weeks taking Forza's Raspberry K2s in the autumn. You can read more about how I did it here. I was thrilled to get down to 10st 7lbs and the pictures of me in the studio after my weight loss are some of the loveliest I have ever done. Thank-you Forza! That is the good news.

The bad news is that, like a lot of people, I went easy on the diet over Christmas and New Year and I have put a bit of the weight back on. I'm about a stone heavier than when I did my last pictures for Forza. I've been in a cycle of yo-yo dieting for the past 10 years. What would normally happen in previous cycles is that I would carry on putting on weight until I went back to my old weight before I started dieting. Thankfully, I'm not like that any more. Forza's products work best when they are combined with regular exercise and good food.

They have put me in touch with some of the best fitness trainers in the business. They have also trained my body so that it needs exercise. If I don't get out there and start doing something, I just don't feel right. Forza has kindly arranged for me to attend No 1 Boot Camp in Norfolk to accelerate my New Year weight loss and get BELOW the 10st 7lbs I achieved in my previous Forza body blitz. I am also excited to be using a new Forza product, Raspberry Ketone with Collagen. It is a brand new weight loss supplement with extra benefits for skin health.

This unique diet capsule not only helps the body to burn more fat, it also  contains collagen to ensure that the look and feel of the skin does not suffer from any potential changes in body shape. By combining collagen with vitamin C, the product is able to maintain the positive health and appearance of the skin while also strengthening and protecting the cartilage, gums and teeth. In addition, this fruit-based formula also contains choline, which has been scientifically proven to help the body break down fat cells more effectively. The revolutionary slimming supplement is also stimulant-free, meaning that it can be used safely and effectively by anyone looking to shed a few pounds and improve their skin health.

I've been on my new Raspberry Ketones since Saturday when I arrived at boot camp and my verdict is: 'So far, so good.' I can already feel my body toning up and the pounds coming off. The Raspberry Ketones give me add energy and stopped me from cheating behind the backs off our super-strict trainers. I've been working out really hard all this week. It's not easy - 7 mile hikes in freezing weather take some doing. I'm also doing lots of boxing to strengthen my upper body.

And if all the instructions from the trainers get me down, I have lovely Stevi Ritchie from the X Factor here to cheer me up. You'll probably remember Stevi from the show: he was in Simon Cowell's group and everyone said he couldn't sing. He lasted until nearly the final week because he is lovely fella, devoted to his little girl and the audience realised by the end that he could sing after all. Anyway, he is just the kind of fella you want alongside you in the trenches as you are trying to stay upbeat in the face of all his boot camp attrition.

You have to remember Stevi survived 8 weeks working with Simon Cowell. These ex-SAS Military trainers are pussycats in comparison! Hope you have enjoyed my first blog. I'll be back in two weeks to report on just how much weight I have lost. I have got a month to get well below the 10st 7lbs I achieved with Forza last time. I've got to nail it (it is easy to slip into X Factor terminology with Stevi around)!  

Love Frankie x  

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