- Stars are increasingly look to banish wrinkles and keep weight off
- Celebs including Madonna and Cher look up to 10 years younger than their actual age

Another year, another awards ceremony! This week’s Grammy awards at the Staples Center in Los Angeles in California reinforced the common trend of our favourite aging stars continuing to defy their elder years, with some looking remarkably younger than their birth certificates indicate. Madonna for example, at 56 years of age and having been out of the spot light for several years performed live at the Grammy’s and by all accounts stole the show. Dressed in a revealing outfit that turned heads on the red carpet, fans were taken aback not by her outfit but the fact she appears not to have aged over the last decade. 

Surgery springs to mind with many of LA’s stars and their urge to go under the knife to radically change their appearance. A number of celebrities have reportedly spent in excess £100k ($152k) on a tip and tuck from their face. Others are turning their backs on this drastic action and using a combination of diet pills and leading personal trainers to reinvigorate their health.

FORZA personal trainer to the stars Ian Guildford commented, "We're all looking for a quick fix, however the best results are when you take a step back and re-examine your diet, exercise and work/life balance.” “Studies have shown that surgery may be a quick fix, but there are potentially longer term health issues that develop - including psychological problems.”