Coronation Street star Scott Wright reveals how he overcame a chocolate addiction and went from being a ‘gut bucket’ to having his dream physique in just nine weeks.

British soap actor Scott Wright shows off his amazing body transformation… achieved in just nine weeks. Scott – who played stripper Sam Kingston in ITV1’s Coronation Street – went from being a ‘gut bucket’ to having his dream ‘Men’s Health body’ in less than three months by combining a rigorous exercise regime with a number of food supplements from FORZA.

The former Rear of the Year winner documented his weight loss in a series of pictures taken weekly as his body got more and more toned. They show how he started off with a pot belly and man boobs – caused in part by his incredible chocolate addiction. Before getting into shape, he would eat up to EIGHT Kit Kat Chunky bars a day! With 218 calories in each bar, that is 1744 calories on its own.

Even as he was pumping iron and working out daily at the gym, there was still the occasional lapse. Early on in his regime, he fell off the wagon spectacularly, scoffing two family-sized packs of McVitie’s chocolate digestives in one giant 4,300 calorie binge. He knuckled down after that and proudly showed off his new body at a photo-shoot. The statistics show the staggering changes in his physique in such a short space of time. He lost more than three stone – going down from 14st 7lb to 11st 5lb – and his waist measurement has gone down from 37in to just 28in. Perhaps most startling of all was his reduction in body fat – from 23% to just 3%. He says a key factor in his body transformation was his daily use of fat burners and workout recovery pills from FORZA Supplements. Scott’s favourite supplement was Garcinia-C. The diet capsules contain a potent 700mg dose of Garcinia Cambogia, an ingredient that has recently rose to fame in the States after being hailed as the ‘Holy Grail’ of weight loss. The fruit extract comes from Eastern Asia and has been used by a string of Hollywood stars to help them stay in shape. The 38-year-old former Coronation Street star said: “I looked awful before I lost the weight. I was incredibly lethargic and completely ashamed of my man boobs and pot belly. “I had always been proud of my body and had worked as a fitness trainer keeping stars like Kerry Katona in shape. “But I had let myself go big-time. Chocolate was my big weakness and I would not think twice about scoffing eight Kit Kat Chunkies in a single day. “I’d just eat one after another, nibbling off the chocolate first before scoffing the wafer. “It took its toll on my body and I ended up in the worst shape of my life.” At Easter, Scott set himself a task: get a body like a model in Men’s Health magazine by the start of the summer and record the whole painful process in a series of photographs. Now he has achieved his goal and has proudly showed off his new rippling torso, bulging biceps and six-pack.

Scott says:  “I didn’t just want to look good, I wanted to look amazing. “I couldn’t believe it when I saw the pictures. I’d achieved all my goals. I vowed then that I would never get out of shape again.” Scott admitted that it was tough cutting back on his chocolate intake. He says: “I started off determined to stick rigidly to a low sugar and low fat diet. “I tried this approach for five days, after which I caved in and smashed two family-sized packs of McVitie’s Chocolate Digestives. Total calories intake – 4,300. “It was a case of going straight back to the drawing board! “I can be incredibly weak-willed. My mind plays tricks on me and I have a constant devil on my shoulder telling me to do the wrong thing, ‘Eat this, drink that.’ “I knew I needed a slightly more realistic regime. “I have literally had to nurse myself through this whole thing and treat myself like an adult teaching a naughty child. “I would eat a fairly strict diet throughout the week and then not put pressure on myself at weekends. If I wanted to eat crap, I would. But if I did eat crap, I HAD to go to the gym or for a run afterwards. “The key point for me was not to feel hungry. That is when I would reach for the chocolate in the past.

“How do you avoid hunger when you are eating less calories whilst training more frequently? “What worked for me was cutting my carbohydrate intake right down after noon and replacing it with a slightly higher fat intake – whole eggs and fattier cuts of meat. “I made sure I had my fruit/natural sugars in the mornings and I always ate greens a few times a day. “Added to this, I drank as much water as possible – between three and four litres daily, and I didn’t leave more than three hours between meals.” He also used a selection of weight loss and bodybuilding capsules from FORZA Supplements. They kept up his energy levels and ensured that he burned off all the excessive fat he had built up during his chocolate addiction.

He explains: “For fat burning, I used Garcinia-C and for energy and recovery I used Acid Rain BCAA formula. I used several other products to give me energy and strength and better definition in my muscles. “Supplements can be a great, effective way to help you along if you are getting your diet and training right. “Because I was training so hard I also needed a supplementation strategy to help my muscles recover and give me an energy boost before training. “The capsules work just as effectively if you are doing more gentle exercise.” Scott, from Manchester, starred in Corrie between 2000 and 2002, famously once stripping off in the Rovers Return while a snake slithered over his shoulders. He has kept busy acting in pantos and on popular shows like Emmerdale, Crossroads and Doctors. He has combined all this with a busy career as a fitness instructor to stars such as Kerry Katona, who he helped to lose three stone. Scott says: “I could hardly tell celebs how to get in shape when I looked like a gut bucket. “Now I have got a body to be proud of and I am very much back in business.”  

Scott Wright’s Top Five Tips for Body Transformation

1.  Drink three to four litres of water a day

2.  Completely cut out carbs after midday

3.  Eat greens three times a day

4.  Leave no longer than three hours between meals

5.  Eat fruit/natural sugars in the mornings and fattier foods after noon  

Scott Wright’s Supplementation Plan

1.  For fat-burning he used Garcinia-C, hailed as the ‘Holy Grail’ of weight loss

2.  For energy and recovery he used Acid Rain, a powerful amino acid support formula

3.  Tri-Creatine Malate allowed Scott to train harder and for longer

4.  Glutamino replaced natural L-Glutamine lost by his body during high-intensity training

5.  He also used Proteus pre-workout powder to ignite his performance in the gym