Unfortunately it has been a whole fortnight since I last posted a blog. I didn’t find time last week to share my thoughts with you, which is disappointing. I have seen this week that Red Bull has discovered twelve separate production lines in China making illegal copies of their famous energy drink. Initial thoughts are that the gangsters are making up to 30p per can profit on the illegal enterprise.

At FORZA, we are no strangers to copycat brands. Our Healthy Living range has revolutionised the physical look of a food supplement and builds trust through its pioneering style. Many companies have sought to copy our look but ultimately they end up looking like cheap fakes. In fact, we are about to take a well-known supplement brand that has just rebranded to look like FORZA into a battle that they cannot win and one which will ultimately cost them a lot of money. Personally, I love a good battle and very much look forward to naming and shaming the culprits in the national press very soon. The team have also been working very hard on new product development. By the end of the year our labels will all be scented. For example, our African Mango product will have a label that smells of luscious mango. It is our goal to engage more and more with our consumers and to stay ahead of the competition. There are around five tweaks to the products planned for our 2014 product lines that will see the customers engaging with their supplementation in a whole new way. If you can imagine F1 cars and the rigorous testing and development that they undergo, you will have a picture of how operations run at the FORZA Technology Centre. We also hosted the first of our student competition winners at the Technology Centre this last week.

Lee Vidal was one of two winners that designed a fantastic set of branded items to win a work placement here in Ashford. Lee performed exceptionally well and proved to be an asset to FORZA in his very brief time at the company. It goes to show that there is so much raw talent coming through the colleges just waiting to be discovered. We would gladly welcome Lee back to FORZA with a full-time post when he finishes his MA at Portsmouth University. It has also been announced that Dunkin’ Donuts will be opening 650 outlets throughout the UK. The sugar mad company creates deliciously-tempting and ridiculously-high calorie offerings that have seen their company thrive. As the big US food giants continue to strip our country of its heritage and culture, leaving the High Street littered with unhealthy options, I urge everyone to eat healthier for a longer and disease-free life. Finally, you may have seen that the team are also raising money for the charity Abbie’s Army. My daughter attended school with Abbie, who sadly passed away from a rare and cruel form of brain cancer two years ago. No parent should endure the pain and trauma of saying goodbye to their child, not to mention at such a tender age. Therefore, we have decided to make this cause our charity of choice, although my daughter left me with little option when demanding which charity we would support. FORZA will double any money raised so please give generously as what goes around comes around. You can donate by clicking here.

Have a lovely weekend people. You can follow Lee on Twitter for his updates @FORZABOSS