- Christine Bleakley has been engaged to Manchester City footballer Frank Lampard since 2011

- Lampard’s upcoming move to New York has proved stressful

- Couple still hesitant about when they’ll tie the knot!

Christine Bleakley has been pictured looking smiley and full of life after the Easter break. This is despite her wedding plans being up in the air. Although she juggles a successful career and a busy lifestyle, Bleakley has always maintained a svelte figure which she puts down to her intense fitness regime.

Both Bleakley and Lampard have great bodies and have been photographed working out together, which leads us to think that the couple that train together, stay together! Bleakley’s fiancé, footballer Frank Lampard, is set to move to New York to play for New York City F.C. However, Bleakley has confirmed that she will be staying put and not following Lampard to the Big Apple.

This has led those close to the couple to question their future. It has also meant that their long-awaited wedding has been halted for the meantime, this is much to the disappointment of their family and friends. Will the couple last the distance? Tell us what you think!