1. Marnie Simpson from Geordie ShoreMarnie Simpson from Geordie Shore Body Transformations, befora and after

Obviously I'm slightly biased because Marnie is a mate but the girl has a body to die for.

There is nothing fake about Marnie - whether you are talking about her boobs, her personality or her weight loss.

I know that she worked her a*** off to get in shape after putting on some weight in the build-up to Christmas. Marnie lost 17lbs in a month taking Forza's Multivitamin for Dieters.

This is a great new product developed especially for women - it makes sure your body gets all the nutrients it needs when you switch to a low-fat, high exercise regime.    

2. Sam Faiers from The Only Way Is Essex

Sam Faiers from The Only Way Is Essex weight loss, before and after transformation

What I admire about Sam is how she maintains such a great body.

In whatever pictures you see her in, she looks sensational.

Her body is in perfect proportion and is one every woman craves - fantastic boobs, lovely shapely bum and flat tummy.

She has got it all. Obviously Sam had weight issues in the past but no longer.

She is another celebrity who has lost weight with a Forza diet plan.

She shed 23lbs working with Forza in the build-up to Celebrity Big Brother two years ago - going from 10st 2lbs to 8st 7lbs and losing so much weight her boobs shrank from 32DD to a 32C. She also lost 3 inches from her waist taking Forza Raspberry K2's. Attagirl Sam.  

3. Luisa Zissman from the Apprentice

Luisa Zissman from the Apprentice weight loss, before and after trasformation

I love Luisa because she is intensely feminine with a bust any woman would kill for.

She lost a stone in a month taking Forza's Rapsberry K2 and working really hard with a personal trainer.

She got rid of a lot of loose fat around the abdomen and also some excess flab around her love handles.

Luisa is like Sam Faiers: you never see a bad picture of her these days. Every Instagram is fantastic.

I know she is using filters on those pictures and only picking the most flattering ones to go public with, but you can tell that the girl is in great shape.    

4. Spencer Matthews from Made In Chelsea

Spencer Matthews from Made In Chelsea gains muscle and loses weight, before and after

Wow is Spencer ripped.

He is in seriously good shape and has a six-pack an Olympic athlete would be proud of.

What I like about Spencer is he is a man's man - plenty of muscle.

He maybe one of the posh boys on Made In Chelsea but he looks like he could do a full shift down a coal mine without any trouble.

Spencer lost a stone and bulked up in preparation for his Men's Health cover shoot by taking Forza's T5 Super Strength. They are perfect for gym bunnies who really want muscles that ripple.      

5. Frankie Essex from The Only Way Is Essex

Frankie Essex from The Only Way Is Essex weight loss transformation before and after

Frankie has obviously had weight issues in the past and I know that she has previously had a problem with yo--yo dieting.

She has admitted that her weight went through huge fluctuations over 10 years.

Not any more. She worked with Forza for a year and got into fantastic shape - shifting a lot of excessive baggage.

She lost 21lbs in five weeks early this year taking two new Forza products - Raspberry Ketone with Collagen and Garcinia Cambogia with Sea Kelp which are both available exclusively at Holland & Barrett.  

Congrats to Stevi Ritchie and Chloe Jasmine

I'm so thrilled for Stevi Ritchie and Chloe Jasmine who announced their engagement over the weekend. You could not wish to meet two nicer people in showbiz. I meet a lot of celebrities obviously because of my career and, let me tell you, a lot of them are total t******. Some celebs only want to engage with you if your profile is bigger than theirs. Stevi and Chloe aren't like that - fame hasn't changed them one iota.


Is Cheryl Fernandez-Versini too skinny?

We've all seen the pictures of Cheryl on Mail Online. No sensible person can say that Cheryl looks healthy - she is way too thin. You only have to look at her shoulders where her bones are protruding because there is so little natural fat there.

Cheryl has come out fighting following the media furore over the pictures - saying how disappointed she is that other women have been rushing to judgement on her figure. I'm sorry to disappoint you, too, Cheryl - but we are speaking out for your own good. No one knows what is really going on with your life. You appear to be very happy with your personal life and your new French hubby is gorgeous.

Obviously X Factor judging starts very shortly and I can imagine that working with Simon Cowell is incredibly stressful. Also you are alongside Rita Ora on the new judging panel and you will, understandably, want to look good alongside such a beauty icon. I suspect that you have overdone the diet slightly ahead of the first auditions. It is nothing a few good meals wouldn't put right.

Cheryl Fernandez-Versini in bikini

How to get in shape for the beach in four weeks weeks or less?

Most of us will be heading for the beach in the next month or so. There is not much time left to get in shape but here are five fail-safe quick tips to fight the flab super-fast in four weeks or less. Check my before and after pictures because they might provide some inspiration - I went from that awful 'jelly belly' running picture to having a pretty toned tummy and behind in just four weeks. You can do, too.

1. No booze. Sorry I know it is tedious but alcohol is the enemy of weight loss. It destroys willpower and most of the drinks we love are packed with calories. Instead drink lots of water and healthier alternatives such as Green Tea.

2. Smaller portions - don't eat until your are full. Eat until hunger pangs are satisfied. There is a difference. You want to shrink the stomach slightly.

3. Eat more meals, more regularly. Forget that old routine - light breakfast, fuller lunch, big dinner. Eat twice as often but in much smaller quantities.

4. Take two Forza Raspberry K2's a day. They are like willpower in a bottle and will stop you from straying during those weak moments when you are passing the snack machine at work. It is worth taking one just before a session at the gym - they will give you added energy.

5. Do simple meal swaps. I have categorised them below as breakfast, lunch and dinner because I know so many of you are locked into that routine because of work patterns. If you cannot switch to smaller meals at more regular intervals here's how to get the best weight loss benefit from three meals a day. 

Breakfast Almost all breakfast cereal should be ditched. It is packed with sugar. Most battery farms fatten up their hens for slaughter by giving them cereal to eat - that is all you need to know. Instead try porridge with skimmed milk and blueberries for sweetness.

Lunch I love a tuna panini for lunch but they tend to have around 500 calories - way, way too much. Instead try salmon salad without dressing - delicious and a maximum of 300 calories. Or if you really want to make a difference fast - scrap lunch altogether and have a Forza Lipowhey Protein Shake. It is a meal all on its own, tastes great, will give you all the nutrients you need and make sure you are not feeling hungry in the afternoon.

Dinner We all love pizza but it is between 700 and 1,000 calories - death to any diet. Instead bake some chicken in tin foil and have it with some steamed vegetables. Swap boiled potatoes for sweet potato.

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