1. Fake tan - don't just rely on nature Let's face it, sunbathing is boring and it is highly damaging to your skin as well as being a cancer risk. Why go through all that hassle when you can fake it? Fact: when you're brown, you look slimmer.

2. How to get a killer bikini line - sorry, girls, there is no magic solution for this one By far the effective method is the Hollywood Wax. The pain is like nothing a man could ever withstand (just think if they had to do the same!!!) But it is worth it: no worries about any embarrassments 'down there' for at least a week. For quick fixes, a shave will do. 

3. Avoiding bikini lines - if you are not on a family beach, go topless Only time I don't do this is if there are fellas around with prying eyes. Otherwise I love getting them out. If I am on a resort beach I always undo the straps when I am lying on my front. So far no eagle-eyed paps have got a nipple shot when I do it up again and turn over.

4. Keep up with the exercise You don't have to spend hours in the hotel gym - 20 minute routines in your room can be just as effective. I do sit-ups, push-ups and the plank just to keep myself toned.

5. Go easy on the buffets If you are all-inclusive be very, very careful. Don't go back for seconds. Eat lots of fruit and try to drink more water than booze! Take at least two Forza Supplements' Raspberry K2s - one in mid-morning and one in the middle of the afternoon. They will stop you snacking on nuts and crisps and give you added zip for swims and exercise. Skip the buffet for a couple of lunch-times and have a Forza Lipowhey Protein Shake instead.

6. Taking great beach selfies Obviously don't do it with the sun in your eyes. And don't use the filters on Instagram. All the sun and that top up for your tan are perfect natural filters.

7. Sunblock I use factor 50 on my face and factor 30 on the rest of my body. That means my face is slightly paler than my body. That's cool: nothing ages you faster as a woman than a face which has seen too much sun.

8. Avoid using make-up There is nothing naffer than a woman on the beach all caked in make-up, especially when they go for a swim and it all runs. Keep it natural for the beach. I only wear the lightest of eyeliner and mascara even in the evening when I am on holiday. The sun gives you a healthy glow and fellas love the au naturel look.

9. Tangle teasers are the key to good hair I always have one on the beach. Brush your hair as soon as you are out of the water from a swim. Mine dries beautifully and the salt makes it go all wavy - it looks great.

10. Eat ice lollies, not ice creams Lollies are pretty much all water, much less calorific and more refreshing. I'm a sucker for a Twister (and no that isn't a joke!).

My five favourite celebrity bikini bodies

1. Michelle Keegan - an obvious choice but she has to be top. Incredibly toned but with great curves. Mark Wright is one lucky boy.

2. Lucy Mecklenburgh - all in perfect proportion.

3. Marnie Simpson - I love Marnie and she looks amazing since she lost weight earlier this year. (Marnie lost 17lbs in a month taking Forza Supplements' Multivitamin for Dieters over Christmas and New Year).

4. Nicole Scherzinger - boobs to die for. Lewis Hamilton should go and get her back.

5. Samantha Mumba - fantastic body and she wears my Bahimi bikinis. The girl has taste. 

My favourite five reality TV stars

1. Gemma Collins - TV gold. The biggest star of the every sense of the word!

2. Helen Wood - big mouth, big impact. A BB legend.

3. Jimmy Bullard - this ex-footballer was the funniest I'm A Celebrity contestant ever.

4. Marnie Simpon - I love the girl. Best thing on Geordie Shore.

5. Bobby Norris - stays true to himself but is still entertaining. 

Who is going to win Big Brother?

Marc certainly deserves to win it. He is highly intelligent, entertaining and a bit controversial.

Biggest irritant

It has got to be Danny - I cannot believe the bookies have him favourite to win. Cannot everyone see that he is a total fake. He is always acting the hero and pretending that his bigging up other contestants isn't really about bigging up Danny.

Sexiest housemate

Sarah - she was stunning. I miss her now she is gone.

Best moment of the series

When Marc left for the bunker but could still hear what people were saying about him. That was a big wake-up call for him.