Celebrity Big Brother's final night was a riot. A lot has been written about all the ructions that night and I am in perfect position to reveal exactly what went on because I was pretty much the only person there who was sober!

I wanted to have crystal clear recollections about what had been a pretty amazing experience in my life so I limited myself to just one glass of wine. If only some of the others had done the same. It was all kicking off between Nadia and Kavana who most definitely were enjoying the hospitality. Alicia tried to intervene and calm things down but that just made things worse. The more people who got involved, the louder it got.

The row started when we were first outside waiting for the final result and continued right throughout the evening until Big Brother's Bit On The Side. I got a bit of stick for supposedly not clapping Katie Price when she won. Any regular readers of this blog will know that I am a massive Katie P fan and I would never disrespect her by not clapping. What she has achieved as a working class girl from Brighton is nothing short of remarkable and I never been slow in showing my admiration for her.

It was no surprise that Katie won the show and good luck to her - take it from me, it is not easy keeping your head together in that house. Katie won because she has a huge and loyal fan base who stick with her through thick and thin and vote on reality shows in huge numbers. I think that Katie P would be the first to admit that some of the other housemates gave a bit more when they were on the show. Obviously Katie had difficulty in the last few days because of health problems with her boobs. She had to rush off soon after the final to get treatment so I didn't get chance for much of a catch-up with her. Purely on the basis of their performance in the house my final three would have been:

  1. - Michelle Visage
  2. - Calum Best
  3. - Katie Hopkins

But I think all three above realised they would be no match for the Katie P juggernaut.


I want the body of a Victoria's Secret model

Many of you will have read the stories about my weight loss before Celebrity Big Brother. I lost 16lbs in four weeks taking Forza Supplements' Raspberry K2 supplements. They were great for giving me an energy burst before a session in the gym and they also kept my appetite at bay - keeping me away from the cookie jar! I carried on taking them while I was on Celebrity Big Brother so I can could stay in shape while I was on the show. Obviously it is not easy to exercise when you have about 100 cameras trained on you and you don't want to appear all hot and sweaty, so there was a limit to what I could do on CBB.

I've been so busy working since the end of the show - travelling the length and breadth of the country doing TV and PAs (it is Glasgow this weekend) that I have not done as much exercise as I would like. After this weekend I am going to get back into the gym. Now the winter’s nearly over I am looking forward to getting my summer body back after hibernating for a few months! After watching the Victoria's Secret show late last year it has certainly given me the motivation to get myself into shape. Hopefully I can get my body fat ratio down from its current 21% rating to a super-lean 14% - the body of proper athlete. I’m sure it’ll be hard getting back into the gym at first, but I’ll be sure to update you on how I’m getting on. Watch this space!  

I'm a very lucky girl this Valentine's Day

You may have seen pictures of me with my ex-boyfriend Jordan Clarke in the media. We were pictured together on a night out at a restaurant in London. Jordan plays football for Scunthorpe United. We have spending a bit of time together since I left the Celebrity Big Brother house. It looks like we will possibly be getting back together but it’s still very early days so we will see where life takes us. Jordan and I have been together on and off since October 2013. He caught my eye one night when we were both out at Funky Buddha in London. We went on our first date five days later - and basically he never left! Since then, like a lot of young couples, we've been through thick and thin together and he has been very supportive of me as I have of him with our careers. We are going out tonight (Wed, Feb 11) with Cami Li from Celebrity Big Brother and her lovely fella who is a mortgage broker. I cannot wait. Romance is most definitely in the air this Valentine's Day, even though on the actual day I will be away DJing in Scotland!  


My biggest regret

Since CBB lots of people have asked me what my biggest regret is after doing the show. I know I was the first person to be voted off so you would think I might have lots of regrets. But, let's face it, contestants from a modelling background can often fall foul of a section of CBB fans who do vote. I'm not the first model to go early and I won't be last. Hey no complaints from me - CBB was an amazing experience and I am glad that I remained true to myself on the show. That meant that I was one of the first contestants to stand up to Perez Hilton and show him up to be the overgrown child that he is. My only regret is that that CBB didn't show more of me confronting the little American worm!

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