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Chloe Etherington: "I'm like a whale - I've put on 7lbs partying with Holly and Charlotte Crosby from Geordie Shore"

September 30, 2015

Chloe Etherington: "I'm like a whale - I've put on 7lbs partying with Holly and Charlotte Crosby from Geordie Shore"

Hi everyone and welcome to my very first blog for Forza Supplements. I wish I had better news to kick off my first piece but I've been a bit of a naughty girl!

I could put all the blame on Holly Hagan and Charlotte Crosby from Geordie but that wouldn't really be fair.

They came over to Ibiza with me to celebrate my 20th birthday and we had an absolute blast. Those girls sure know how to party and they took me to the best clubs in the world - VIP all the way.

Check the pictures of me on my hols. In one I am flashing my a*** and in another I'm checking out tits (not bad if I say so myself!). 

I don't look too bad from behind as I lean over the balcony.

We got so mortal (drunk) every night. I was on vodka cranberry juice the whole time - my favourite drink. It's not the most calorific drink the world - around 140 calories a time. The problem I had was that I was doing around 12 every night and staying out till 6am.

That's a lot of calories when you combine it with the junk I was eating when I woke up. I was on a proper Geordie Shore trash diet. All the worst things: donna kebabs, pizzas, toasties, all washed down by lemonade or Fanta as the perfect hangover cure. It wasn't all bad. I missed plenty of meals.

One day we didn't get up till 5pm! But the result of those five days of heaven with the Geordie girls is that I am 7lbs heavier. 

And I look like a whale. I'm back now in North Shields and I am trying to behave myself while I lose a bit of weight. I've been going to the gym three times a week and I've been taking Forza Supplements Raspberry K2s to accelerate my weight loss.

They give me extra energy and take the edge of my appetite when I am thinking of a trip to the kebab house or KFC. It seems to be doing the trick. I lost 21lbs in six weeks on Forza's weight loss programme earlier in the summer and I aim to have this 7lbs off by the time you see me on the new series which starts on October 20th at 10pm on MTV. I cannot wait.

Don't try to break into your house via the cat flap

I did just say that I was behaving, didn't I? Well, there was one little lapse. It was another mortal (drunken) night out - this time in Newcastle. I got back to my mam's where I live and could I find my house keys? Could I f***. Anyway, it was far too late to wake up my mam so I thought I would be able to break into the house - through the cat flap! Not a good idea. They are called cat flaps for a very good reason: only bloody cats can fit through them. I managed to get my head through it and then I got stuck. I was properly wedged and screaming my head off. Thankfully I didn't need the fire brigade to cut me out and I managed to wrestle myself free. God knows what the cat thought.  


Geordie Shore goes Greek!

It just over three weeks till the new series. I know I am going to say this anyway but it really was a f****** blast. Nothing Geordie girls like more than a summer of partying on the Greek islands. I cannot reveal too much because that would spoil the surprise but all that hot sun and can do funny things to a girl. It was the best few months of my life (except for my birthday celebrations in Ibiza, nothing will top that!) but I really paid for my fun.

My weight crept up during the filming because I haven't got any discipline at all. By the end of the series I had a belly like a Greek bloody waiter. I am dreading watching back the clips because I am going to look huge. I'm not petite like the other girls - there is some proper lard on me. And the trouble with TV is the camera makes you look twice as big. I just hope I don't come across as too heavy. 

How I lost 21lbs with Forza and got rid of my 'jelly belly'

As soon as filming finished in Zante for the last series, I started on my weight loss programme with Forza. I was amazed how quickly I was able to lose 21lbs. All the flab that went on in Greece came off in six weeks including my dreaded 'jelly belly' - that horrible loose fat us girls get around our lower abdomen. Yuck - it looks horrible in pictures, particularly when you're sitting down.

The weight loss was down to the amazing fitness programme Forza created for me, a lot of hard work and those lovely Raspberry K2s. Forza have just shipped up a fresh batch of K2s. They'll keep me on the straight and narrow while I carry on doing lots of PAs with the other Geordie girls.

The pictures here show just quickly my weight can fluctuate. There is me looking proper porky sitting on a bench after getting back from Zante. And then the shoot I did with Forza after I had lost nearly 2-stone. I am dead proud of those pictures. They are some of the best ones I've ever done.    

Ciao from Italy

Who would have thought that Geordie Shore was massive in Italy? They love us over there. God knows how they understand the accents. We had a blast there at a recent PA. You can see me me looking very posh with Marnie and Charlotte and the Geordie boys!

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