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Celebrity romances are so hard

March 05, 2015

Celebrity romances are so hard

Sad news today about the split of David Walliams and his supermodel wife Lara Stone. No one know exactly what is going on inside a relationship. We can all speculate about what went wrong but only they will truly know why they fell out of love. What I do know is that conducting a relationship in the public eye - where your every act is scrutinised - is tough. It's no wonder that so many celeb relationships bite the dust.

There have lots of high-profile break-ups lately. Nicole Scherzinger and the Formula 1 star Lewis Hamilton didn't make it to the chequered flag. Everyone thought that Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin from Coldplay would last the distance.

Then they announced that they were having an 'unconscious coupling' whatever that is. So why do so many celebs not last the distance? I'd love to provide some blinding insight which you have never heard before. But the real reason is far more mundane: they don't see enough of each other. Distance really does create distance.

You'll come from working away for three weeks and view the person who was so central to your life just a month before differently. The chemistry isn't there any more. You don't communicate with that same naturalness. It is just plain awkward. Unlike us mere mortals with mortgages to pay and the stress of struggling each day to put food on the table, many of these A-list couples don't have to worry about money.

They don't need to stay together for financial reasons. The cost of establishing two homes rather than one doesn't phase them. And let's face it, they are on the phones to their lawyers half the time anyway, so I don't suppose the legal bills incurred from a split will bother them too much, either. Whereas the rest of us might muddle through when we are going through a rocky patch - and get through that rocky patchy and once again find happiness with the person we have been with for years - celebs often go nuclear at the first sign of trouble. They might have all the money in the world. But they don't have all the happiness.

Returning to TOWIE

It was wonderful to receive so many kind comments about my return to TOWIE on the recent live episode. My gorgeous kid brother Joey tweeted very kindly about how nice it was to have me back - and the whole world went a bit mad for a few hours. We were a wonderful team on TOWIE. Yeah we rowed a lot on screen but we were solid as a rock.

Those people - Joey, Lauren Goodger, Chloe Sims and too many others to mention - are still my best friends now. Obviously Joey and Chloe are family, too. The reason I went back for the live episode was to support Chloe. She has been getting a lot of stick on the show and just wanted a friendly face nearby. I loved being by her side, as I would be for anyone who was special to me. It was great to see so many familiar faces. Though if I am honest, I'm never away from them for long these days anyway. I'm working with Chloe in her salon and also developing my own beauty brand.

Sharing your love on TV ain't easy

Obviously I've seen several high profile romances being lived out in the media spotlight from my time on TOWIE. TOWIE is all about creating fantastic real life soap operas on screen. That means they want tears, kisses, fights, break-ups, make-ups, you name it. It all seemed a bit too intense for me.

When I was on TOWIE, I shared aspects of my private life as all stars of the show have to do but I always drew a line at relationships. Viewers didn't see my boyfriend even though I was in a relationship at the time. Why did I make that decision?

I have nothing but the utmost respect for the producers of TOWIE but clearly they have a job to do. They have to make sure that some drama is created around the lives of a group of glamorous young people from Essex. If those people embark on a new relationship, be assured that the bosses will want that played out on screen. Let's look at how a relationship might take off in real-life.

You'd go on a date and may be hit off and see each other three or possibly four times over the next month. From there, you might want to take it further. That's not how it often worked in TOWIE. You were living out of each other's pockets 24/7 and that meant if you did meet someone new you could be going on three or four dates in a week. That wouldn't happen in real-life.

It wasn't just the early stages of a relationship that would be a bit more intense. As couples got more serious things maybe got a little bit accelerated. You never know what is going through people's minds but would Lucy Mecklenburgh and Mario Falcone have got engaged if they hadn't been in TOWIE? Only they can answer that. I'm not criticising them. Let's face it: the engagement made for brilliant TV. Mario is a showman and the camera loves Lucy. I adored those scenes on the boat. But it made me realise that I was never going to be living out my own real-life romance on a loveboat.

My weight loss

I've had a wonderful relationship with Forza over the last six months or so. I was very lucky to team up with their trainers in the autumn and lost two stone in eight weeks taking its best-selling diet capsule Raspberry K2's. I went down from 12st 7lb to my ideal weight of 10st 7lb. Like a lot of people, it all went a bit Pete Tong for me over Christmas and I put on a stone. I've been hard at work since then and I'm delighted that I have been able to top my previous best and get my weight down to 10st.

I have lost 21lbs since Christmas and my weight has remained stable at around 10st. I have been taking two new Forza products, Raspberry Ketone with Collagen and Garcinia Cambogia with Sea Kelp. The Ketones are great for controlling my appetite and keeping my skins super clear. And Sea Kelp has been used as a health remedy for decades - all I can say is that it works for me.

After ten years of yo-yo dieting, I am a bit like an addict in recovery: I need to be extra vigilant. Any lapse and I know that my weight could spiral again. I'm just lucky that the Forza team have instilled so many good habits into me to keep me on the straight and narrow. I've learnt so much about fuelling myself and eating healthily - and crucially being full at meal times without pigging out. And I've learnt to not just love exercise but need it for my happiness and well-being.

Don't over do it

Not overdoing it is my new mantra. We worked hard on TOWIE - 14 hour days weren't unusual. My work life is so hectic at present it feels much the same. I was so exhausted towards the end of last week, I felt like zombie. I had to take a couple of days rest just to recover - some quality me time. I was soon back raring to go.  

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