- Reality star plagued by problem ‘pouch’ – stubborn lower tummy fat
- Slimmed down from 9st to stunning bikini figure of 7st 12lb
- Kangaroo pouch vanished with three inches lost from tummy

Recent Celebrity Big Brother star Chloe Goodman has told the media how she lost more than a stone in a month, whilst banishing her problematic ‘kangaroo pouch’. The 21-year-old model was determined to shake off the pouch that has plagued her figure, a stubborn area of fat that overhung her bikini. Chloe, whose assets have led her to be a bottom double for US actress Cameron Diaz, lost an impressive three inches off her waist – going down from 27 inches to just 24 inches in preparation for the reality Channel 5 show. With cameras filming 24/7, the star wanted to look her best.

Chloe said: "My kangaroo pouch disappeared and I got the flat stomach that I always wanted. "When I put on weight it tends to go straight on my hips and tummy. It gives me some pretty unsightly loose skin at the bottom of my tummy and I also get love handles. "These stubborn areas of fat are really difficult to shift and I was determined to get rid of them for Celebrity Big Brother. "With the cameras on you 24 hours a day, you always want to look your best. And you know that some people will quickly pick up on anything wrong with your body."

The CBB evictee lost 16lb in just four weeks – reducing her weight from 9st to her target weight of 7st 12lb. She achieved her weight loss by cutting out chocolate snacks and crisps, and burning fat daily with celebrity personal trainer Ian Guidlford, who has whipped Binky Felstead (Made In Chelsea), Sam Faiers (The Only Way Is Essex) and Frankie Essex (TOWIE) into shape. Guildford recommended incorporating Forza Raspberry K2 diet supplements into Chloe’s health programme.

Chloe said: "My weight does yo-yo quite a lot. "I switch between 9st at my heaviest to as low as 7st 7lb when I am super thin. I look my best at just under 8st. "I do hate my body when I am overweight. It eats away at my confidence and I find I have far less energy, too. "I put on weight very quickly and it all goes on my hips. I only have to look at a cake and I can feel my love handles growing. Model Chloe Goodman "My weak spot is chocolate and specifically Galaxy bars. I can easily eat one of those big bars on my own." Whilst in the Celebrity Big Brother house, Chloe was determined to keep herself in shape and maintained her regime of sit-ups to flatten her ‘kangaroo pouch’.

She explained: "I was working out daily before the show, did a lot of specialist exercises on my lower abdomen to get rid of all that stubborn fat. I carried on doing them while I was in the show. "A big factor in my success was taking Forza Supplements' Raspberry K2 capsules - they kept a lid on my appetite and made sure my body could burn fat more effectively. They also gave me more energy before my exercises." One consequence of Chloe's weight loss is she also lost four inches off her bust - going down from 32D to a 28D.

The brunette, who starred in the reality show Ex On The Beach, has no plans to go under the knife. She said: "I'm very proud of my figure. I've got no plans at this stage to have any surgery - my boobs are exactly where they should be for a 21-year-old woman. "My attitude might change when I am older and my boobs droop a bit after childbirth, but I am very happy with them now." Chloe was worried that she would pile on the pounds during Celebrity Big Brother because of the confined spaces. She also put on 7lb when she was filming Ex On The Beach, which has now been shown in 60 countries. She said: "Obviously there was not much room in the house but I carried on with my exercises. 

 UK's best-selling weight loss supplement[/caption] "I was also taking Forza Supplements' Raspberry K2s to keep me on the straight and narrow while I was on the show. "I didn't put on any weight as a result." Chloe, from Coventry, is single but she is not ruling out a romance now she is out Celebrity Big Brother. She said: "I was certainly never going to get intimate in front of the cameras. You would never have got any free DIY porn from me! Let's see what happens now that I am out."