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CBB Chloe: Ex On The House DAY 3

January 28, 2015

CBB Chloe: Ex On The House DAY 3

So last night was the third actual eviction from Celebrity Big Brother and I was there to see it all unfold as I appeared on Celebrity Big Brother's Bit On the Side.

Here is my take on the house and last night's episode.

Favourite Moment

I absolutely love Katie Hopkins' facial expressions and I have to say when Perez walked back in live last night her face was a picture!!!!!! I know a lot of people dislike Katie but she is very real and shows that in that house it's very important to always be honest to people.

Worst Bit

The kick-off between Katie Price and Cami. We didn't see a lot of this last night but I think there is more bubbling under the surface. I think we may see the first Pricey row in the CBB House.  

Funniest Moment

I thought it was so hilarious when Patsy cacked her pants when Emma said that she has a surprise for her and Patsy thought she may be going back in. We have never seen anyone run out of the house so fast to leave so I don't think she would have wanted to go back in!  

Cringiest Bit

I found it so awkward and cringey when Perez was in the secret room talking to himself. Perez is so self-obsessed that you can send him into a room on his own and he will talk to himself!

Perez returns to the house, but all the housemates are happy!   Here is my rundown on all the other housemates from last night's episode:


It was nice to see more of Calum in the episode last night. It was refreshing to see how he reacted when he got the task last night. It's good to see someone say no to a task that would upset Patsy. Calum is a nice guy and I am glad they are showing this side of him.  


Cami narrowly escaped eviction last night. I am not sure if she will change due to the chants she was getting during the live eviction. But my girl is very funny and we have not seen the best of her yet.  

Katie Hopkins

OH MY GOD!!! I am not sure if everyone watched Celebrity Big Brother's Bit On The Side but they showed a clip of Perez trying to lick Katie and her running away from him. I think Katie is an all-round brilliant housemate to watch and to live with.  

Katie Price

I feel Pricey is coming out of her of her shell more and is letting people know how she is feeling and showing you cannot mess with her. Unfortunately it's brewing between her and Cami. I am interested to see who comes out on top as both women can be very feisty and strong.

Tension developing between Cam-li and Katie Price?  


I cannot really say a lot about Kavana as he wasn't on the episode last night.  


Again we didn't really see a lot of Cheggers last night. I want to see more of him as when I was in the house he was funny but to see of him he needs to open up more but I am not sure if he will.  


It killed me to see Michelle cry when the genital wart, otherwise known as Perez, came bouncing back into the house. Michelle is such a strong woman and the fact she is even struggling with him says a lot.  


It was so nice to see her integrate herself with the rest of the house as I know we all like her but it is hard to get near her with Perez latching onto her. It was good to see this even if was only for a few days.  


It was lovely getting what she wants last night and that was leaving Celebrity Big Brother. I have missed this woman a lot and I cannot wait for us to have a proper girly catch-up.

Patsy is overwhelmed to be leaving the Celebrity Big Brother House.  


I honestly thought he would win the pass to the final. It will be interesting to see how he plays the game next now he is nominated for every eviction.  

Hero of the day!

Calum for being such a gent and not throwing Patsy's make-up bag across the room!  

Villain of the day!

It should be Perez but unfortunately I cannot nominate him every day. Pricey is my villain today because of her altercation with Cami.  

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