Last night I had my first experience of being at an eviction and seeing the live crowd. I have to say the atmosphere was brilliant and I enjoyed every moment of it. I caught up properly on last night's show this morning and here is my take on it.

Favourite Moment

I think this is quite obvious what the best moment for me of last night's episode was and that was Perez leaving the house. I think his time was up a long time ago and I genuinely thought he was going to the final which is what he wanted. Don't be fooled by his constant protest that he wanted to leave.


Worst Bit

For me it was Kavana leaving. It would have been nice to have seen more of him in there and Kavana showing more of the side that I saw of him.


Funniest Moment

Michelle having a serious conversation with Calum and then saying: "This camera angle isn't good for my double chin." It was about the only time that I laughed during the whole episode.


Cringiest Bit

Perez sitting with the other housemates waiting to see who would be evicted with a sign over his face. Does anyone even know what it means? Plus why on earth was he wearing shorts? 



I am really happy for Calum that he has changed public's perception of him. He went in the house to show he has grown up and isn't the party boy we all knew him as. I don't think he realises how loved he is on the outside. I can't wait for him to see how loved he is when he leaves. I have a lot of time for Calum and cannot wait to see him on Friday. 


Katie Hopkins

I loved Katie's hair last night. It made be laugh that she is trying out different looks. I cannot wait to get my hands on it and sort it out when she comes out. Katie looked like she belonged in Flashdance and not Celebrity Big Brother last night. I found it annoying that she even gave Perez a body to talk to. But hey ho, we only see one hour of the day on the show. I'm hoping there is a legitimate reason for her doing this. 


Katie Price

I think Katie has really matured but I wish they would show more of her on the show.



I loved Kav from the moment I met him. It's a shame we never got to see as a viewer just how funny he was. We managed to get a glimpse of that in his eviction when we watched his best bits.



I was so shocked that Keith got booed by the crowd. I can only put it down to his tirade to the house when Cami left. He did nominate and we all know what a nomination means, so why was he so upset she didn't get a proper eviction.



She pointed out she thought it was strange that Katie H was all of a sudden speaking to Perez. I agree with her on this point as it's against everything Katie has been protesting against since she got in there. I want to see her have a great last episode tonight and have some fun now Perez has gone. 



I love how Perez used not having sleeping pills for the first two and a half weeks, which suddenly changed to 3 weeks by the time he got to the CBBBOTS studio, for not being himself. Sorry but he must have been the only housemate that turned into Satan for not having a sleeping pill. It's pretty rich him saying that as he was the reason that most housemates didn't sleep at night. 


Hero of The Day

Kavana as he think he held himself really well in the interview with Emma Willis.


Villain of The Day

Do I even need to answer this? We saw him pack his bags and leave. Considering he has left I will use this opportunity to say I never thought I would meet Satan let alone live with him.  

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