Favourite moment

You can see that the housemates are trying to stay clear of drama knowing the final is in reaching distance…. but with Perez there they have no chance. After 4 weeks it was nice (and about time) Calum stood up against Perez and he didn't just stand up against him, Calum pretty much destroyed him with one word the British public were all thinking and it rhythms with …munt!
Sorry, guys, it's the only half decent word I could think of without actually saying it… but you get my point.

Funniest moment

I could sit here and lie to you and make up a moment to talk about, but as you know I like to be brutally honest: there was not one moment that stands out to be the funniest, simply because everyone's back at each others throats! I even watched the show twice to find a moment I could talk about. Let's just say I was met with a tumbleweed trying to find something…. anything!!

Worst moment

For me was seeing my girl leave the house, the one and only Cami-Li….it upset me she didn't get her moment and it p***** me off even more seeing Perez trying to take it away from her with his childish “good riddance” remark.

Cringiest moment

For me it goes down as a cringe moment….. Kav having a god old go trying to push a tear out to his fellow housemates as part of a task. It was nice to view something different to an argument - and it was also good to see him get more air time.
My rundown on the housemates:


I love Calum - and it was good seeing him put Perez in his place. Calum, quite literally, destroyed him with his words. The only thing I can say is I wish Calum had done it sooner. In my opinion he gave Perez wayyyyyy too many chances and it was only a matter of time before Perez put Calum in his firing line. I’m just glad Calum wasn't too nice about it this time

Katie Price

AKA the Pricey… I didn't get to see much of her at all as it was all kicking off between the other housemates. I think it's safe to say she will be in the final and I’m very excited to have a girly gossip when I finally get the chance.

Katie Hopkins

I know there's a lot of you out there who have strong opinions on Hopkins but I feel she does just say it how it is. People have said that Perez and Katie are alike. I can safely safe in a living environment this is not true. I would never go near a person who was in any way shape or form like Perez. I agree as a viewer we see her planting seeds between housemates - difference is she doesn't do it to cause arguments, she does it to be truthful and usually she does it when asked…unlike Perez.


We saw Cheggers finally lose his name as Switzerland tonight… when someone put 20 pence in Cheggers and he started going off on one about how people shouldn't be talking about future plans when Cami just left the house. I kind of cringed because as much as I agree with Cheggers, wasn't he one of the housemate who put her up for nominations?


The only thing I really saw of Kav was him doing the task. Where he had to go around and push a few tears out - ha ha, it was fun to watch. He’s got a good sense of humour even though I’m not happy with him putting Cami up!!


I'm glad Michelle had her say to Perez… and it didn't shock me that he went for her as well tonight. I love how Michelle can have an argument with him without losing her cool or grace - and that's a very hard thing. In fact, I think she’s been the only housemate who has managed it.


A quote in last night's episode from Perez: "If you don’t like what I’m saying, then leave the room.” Approximately two minutes later, speaking to Michelle: "I’m going to follow him” …a perfect example of what the housemates put up with… a parasite who feeds off creating drama.  
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