Favourite moment

I loved the CBB twist!! I couldn't call who was going to go - it was a close one! I also loved it when all the housemates were gathered in the lounge and everyone's nominations were played out - really gives you a good idea how honest a housemate is and what they are really thinking.  


Funniest moment

For me again it has to be watching the housemates' reactions to the nominations being played out loud... Katie Hopkins and her facial expressions will never fail to amuse me!


Worst moment

Seeing my girl Cami being evicted. I wanted to see her in the final but at least I get to see her sooner now and I'm gutted she didn't have an exit like the one I did because it's truly a memory I'll cherish forever. She would have loved to come out to a crowd and the whole atmosphere Big Brother creates - it's truly surreal.

Cringiest moment

For me was probably the moment Emma Willis came through the mirror into the house and Perez jumped on her.  What was he trying to do to her!?? As she was talking he was kissing her arm it was all a bit OTT and cringy. 



I love Calum and he fully deserves his place in the final... I think we are going to see him lose his cool again for round 2 with Perez in tonight's show.... I feel that Calum is his new target and I feel for him but he's a strong lad and can handle Perez.  


Katie P

Don't mess with the Pricey, it's hard to come into a house that's already bonded. I think she's done a great job and really has calmed the place down! It needed it! It was sad when she said in her plea to the public to be saved that she feels she hasn't achieved anything. She was my idol growing up and still is now. She's achieved so much and has stayed a very much grounded Brighton girl! 


Katie Hopkins

She doesn't like showing her soft side and she doesn't show much sympathy to others. I think this is because she's such a strong independent woman who every night has to deal with epilepsy (Katie revealed on the show she suffers from epilepsy and has been hospitalised with the condition 26 times in the last 9 months). We spoke about this a lot in the house and I found her view on things very black and white. But I have to say I like that as you always know where you stand with her. I think she deserves the final: she's come very far in showing the public she's really not that much a villain they all thought she was. 



I've said this a lot Kav has a lot to give but it's not being shown. I hope I get to see more of him before the show ends! He's got a good friendship with Calum in the house and they share the same views. Im not sure he's my CBB winner though.  



Cheggers has been an all-round nice guy but I'm not sure it's enough to win CBB. I think we've seen all we are ever going to when it comes to Keith.  



She's made it clear she wants to be in the final and I think she is a well deserving woman for it! I want her to be more fierce but maybe with the first 10 days of torture she's enjoying being more relaxed in the house. I'm looking forward to seeing her as I've missed her loads.  



I'm so over all his antics. He doesn't deserve the final but I think my views are falling on deaf ears and he's being saved from evictions time and time again.  

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