Favourite moment

 I love watching CBB tasks, especially watching them eating horrific things. I think the housemates did really well as those tasks are created to cause problems. It was nice to see them pass and to see it all end without them attempting to kill each other.  


Funniest moment

Seeing the genital wart (you know who I mean) out of his comfort zone.  


Worst moment

Perez struggling for attention and feeling an awful amount of self pity. I'm enjoying seeing more of my fellow housemates.  


Cringiest moment

When Perez, Katie Price, and Cheggers were in the lounge and off Perez goes performing his usual awful antics. It was great watching Cheggers bolt to the bedroom, leaving KP to deal with Perez. Katie shouts “thanks for that Cheggers.” I very much cringed for Perez on that one whilst in fits of giggles.  


Calum’s done so well for waking up and forgetting about what Perez had said to him the previous night. He bounced back brilliantly and had another strong fun episode. I really want to see Calum in the final.



Ahhhh I can’t wait to see my girl. Feels like a lifetime ago. I love how she’s still speaking her mind, and her fun side was shown more.  


Katie Price

I feel for KP, I feel that she’s in an awkward position with the whole Perez vs the rest of the house situation. She’s doing really well to stay out it so far, but six days can drag more than the viewer thinks. Anything can happen in six days as we all know too well.

Katie Hopkins

I feel since Nadia left the house Katie has backed off Perez as she probably is well aware he is rightly suffering since losing his backbone - aka Nadia. I’ve always loved Hopkins straight talking as you always know where you stand with her. I feel she has done herself wonders in the CBB house and would love you all to see her funny side more. I think people would be pleasantly surprised.  


Keith aka Cheggers

He is tipped to be one of the likely winners of CBB this year and as much as I love him I feel others are more deserving of this title. He did a great job yet again presenting the task … but I think the best Cheggers moments are how he manages to get out of situations. He will casually walk off and I love this about him! Anyone would know if they were boring him with this tactic!  



He did a really good job being a puppet in the task and singing out the tweets. It's not easy reading them, let alone singing them!!! He also took what Mystic Michelle said during the task really well. I’m not sure any of the other housemates would of been able to take it like he did. I love Kav and would love him in the final. 


He claims his time in the house has been the most traumatic time of his life and he regrets doing it. He shouldn’t regret doing CBB, he should regret what he put his fellow housemate through. Now it's come back to bite him in the a***, he can’t handle it…..  



I love Miss Visage - what can I say, she’s a great woman - its a shame I didn’t get to see as much of her as I'd like to, she would be a great winner for CBB and has been very honest, truthful and consistent throughout.  

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