Favourite Moment

The face-to-face nominations - I think this is much better than nominating in the diary room as then you see what everyone really thinks and you know where you stand with them. I think Calum was surprised to get two nominations.  


Worst Bit

I love Cheggers but when he said he was "disappointed" in Katie Hopkins was annoying. I hate it when a housemate thinks they are being a smart a*** by taking the moral high ground or trying to be patronising - that's something that gets under my skin.  


Funniest Moment

Again has to be Katie Hopkins and her diary room facial expressions.  


Cringiest Bit

When Perez was gyrating on the other housemates in the lounge with his dance, desperate to make them laugh or somehow become better friends with them.   Here is my rundown on all the other housemates from last night's episode:  



Nadia was a lot quieter. I think she's had the night to reflect and maybe realised she was in the wrong or dealt with things in the wrong way, even though I haven't seen her apologise. I think the fact that she's calmed down shows she regretted her behaviour.  



I think Calum was quite surprised to have two nominations, and even more surprised that one was from Pricey. But at least now he can see where he stands with his fellow housemates. 



Was quiet tonight I miss my girl so much and would loved to have seen more of her. I love how she's sticking to her guns with Perez and Nadia and has been very real and honest with her feelings.  


Katie Hopkins

She mentioned she was an alpha among her fellow housemates, I agree with her as she speaks her mind and is honest. She loves strong characters and enjoys pushing people to get real reactions and opinions from them. I can see her sometimes getting frustrated with her fellow housemates as she feels they all just want to be liked.  


Katie Price

The Pricey showed her fierce side and I loved it. I want to see Katie more but feel she's being drowned out by some of the louder housemates. 



It annoyed me how he entertained Perez and gave him what he wanted, especially when he's made it very clear he doesn't like him, I think Kav is great and get along well with him. I feel we are getting to see more of him recently which is great. I would love to see him with a secret task soon!  



I think Cheggers was quite upset and shocked he got so many nominations, especially when he tries so hard to keep out of confrontation and make people laugh. I think this hasn't really worked in his favour as they want to see and know Cheggers...warts and all. The only time he's said how he feels is when he's been pushed by Hopkins to do so. 



I love this woman!! Want to see her in the final but I also really want to see more of her! We aren't as viewers seeing how entertaining she really is! I think as more people leave she will be shown a lot more and have people falling in love with her.  



I see him really playing the game and it's getting very boring. He thinks anyone who nominated Hopkins is on team Perez. He's very delusional. He's very much a good example of how fame and money can turn you ugly and leave you lonely.  


Hero of the day!

Katie Price ... I loved seeing her fierce side. She definitely has a presence in the house. I can't wait to meet her at the final.  


Villain of the day!

Shock horror it's Perez. He's making out to the housemates that's he's seen so much bitching and people being two-faced when in reality and as a viewer we know he's not seen much at all. He's using this as power against the other housemates and I can't wait to see him go.  

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