Favourite Moment

Has to be Kav telling Nadia what for. I'm glad he stood up for himself. He's a great guy and has his heart in the right place and I'm thankful we got to see that last night.  

Worst Bit

Nadia morphing into Jekyll and Mr Hyde. I've seen Nadia change before around Perez but I was truly shocked at how she's believed everything that has come out of his mouth. She needs to take a step back and realise the rest of the house have got her best interests at heart. 


Funniest Moment

Got to say with all the drama you're mostly tense as a viewer. I love Katie Hopkins in the diary room. I think her humour is amazing and you need someone like that in such a tense house. She uses great metaphors and innuendos.  


Cringiest Bit

Has to be the fact Perez is still royally attempting to crawl up the Pricey's a*** so far she's staying clear from his advances! I just hope she keeps him at a distance as, like the Hopkins said, he's a genital wart and from what I've heard, they are bloody hard to get rid of!   Here is my rundown on all the other housemates from last night's episode:



I'm so glad he stood up to Nadia. I also rather enjoyed him being backed up by Big Brother showing a previous clip of what he actually said about Nadia's cooking and how Perez has twisted it like the evil conniving man he is (and he's done that to Nadia his so called "best friend" whom he adores ... ) GO CALUM!! She needed to take a back seat. 



As you all know, I love my girl, I just wish you all got to see how funny she really is and I'm hoping she's not going to be put off speaking her mind because of the recent chants during the live show of Patsy's eviction.  


Katie Hopkins

I have so much love for this woman. I feel she has been one of the only consistent housemates in her views and comments. I really want to see her go the distance and be in that final!!


Katie Price

I love a bit of KP who doesn't?? I'd like to see a lot more of her. I feel as though there may be an argument brewing between her and Cami. I'm sure Perez will be the root of the s***-stirring between them - only time will tell!  



I love Kav and I'm sooooo glad he stood up and told Nadia what for - he was one of the only few who did ! I hope to see a lot more of Kav in the next episodes.  



As much as I love Cheggers, I feel that we've seen all we need to of him, as he's being overshadowed by the more outspoken housemates.  



I hated seeing her upset. I miss her so much and I can't wait to see her at the final, as I'm sure the British public will rightly put her there!  



I'm afraid when I talk about this thing I'm not only probably saying what you're all thinking, but I feel like I'm very much repeating myself  .... What can I say: he's a child you love to hate. 


Hero of the day!

KAV and Calum!! Both stood up and said what they needed to say and they said it well!


Villain of the day!

The sidekick .... Nadia...  I just wish she would wake up and smell Perez bulls*** ... Mind you she's probably smelling something from being so far up his a***!  

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