So this is my last CBB blog for Forza. I have loved every second of it and of course watching my fellow housemates, some more than others. I am looking forward to seeing some of them tonight at the final...Others not so much!

Favourite Moment

My favourite moment was when Cheggers went around the room and explained why he thought everyone had entered the CBB house and their reason for being there. He then turned round to Perez and said: "I am not sure why you are here, mate, but you have done yourself no favours". I thought it was epic. 


Worst Bit

I don't usually tend to make a habit of liking people who have slagged me off but with James Jordan I will make an exception so my worst bit was actually liking him. I thought he was brilliant in the task and he was the right man for the job.


Funniest Moment

Katie Hopkins' facial expressions when Perez was talking during the news task. I would pay good money to just have her sit in front of me and make her faces over and over again!


Cringiest Bit

I thought it was really cringey when Kavana had to watch the clip of him drunk having an argument with Keith. You could tell he wanted the ground to swallow him up. I think it wasn't fair to re-crucify him. 



His chances of winning are extremely strong. It would be ultimate victory for him as his birthday is tomorrow also! He has been very consistent throughout and I think he would be a very deserving and appreciative winner. Last night he did well taking the task as banter and seeing the funny side of it instead of being emotionally involved like some of the other housemates.


Katie Hopkins

You only have to say her name and I start laughing. Her best bits when she leaves the house will go on for a full hour. She has had so many in there. I don't think she is fake in the slightest and I think she is genuinely friends with Michelle. This has been the Katie Hopkins show for me and not the Perez show.


Katie Price

NEVER underestimate the Pricey. We saw her let rip tonight into Hopkins. She definitely gives as good as she gets. And I guess from the viewers' point of view last night she gave them what they have been waiting 3 weeks for. 



He has been criticised for sitting on the fence the whole way through Big Brother but in this episode we saw him say what most were thinking and putting the housemates in their place. I just wish he had done it from the beginning.



I hope she doesn't change in her friendship with Katie Hopkins due to what the other housemates are saying to her. I think they have done very well to keep a solid and consistent friendship from the beginning, so it would be a shame for them to lose this at the final hurdle of Big Brother.


Hero of The Day

Eamonn Holmes. He was brilliant how he handled himself during the debate and he asked amazing questions to really get inside the housemates' heads in order to find out any hidden motives. 


Villain of The Day

Everyone is being nice as it's the final, so there are no villains in my blog today!  

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