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Britney Spears Underwear Shoot

February 09, 2015

Britney Spears Underwear Shoot

- Britney Spears has a "crazy" body to show you!
- Blonde Mum of 2 proves that she can still rock a body that women 10 years younger would be proud of.
- Britney has recently appeared of the U.S. version of WOMEN'S HEALTH
- Baby One More Time singer launches her new Elvira lingerie in the Intimate Britney Spears underwear range.

It seems you just can't slow down Britney Spears. Once off the rails and thought to be on the American Pop scrap heap, Britney Spears has certainly turned her life around.

In recent years Simon Cowell took a chance on the blonde popster for his X Factor USA show, after her very public meltdowns, along with fellow ex-Disney star Demi Lovato. Now following success back in the public eye on X Factor Britney, 33, has got her life on track, her career in-tune and a body to die for. Spears who once famously married a high school friend on a night out in Las Vegas has posted 2 pictures on her Instagram account @britneyspears of her in the Elvira lingerie, a new line of her underwear range Intimate Britney Spears.

It seems there is plenty going on in Britney land with the star having recently posed for WOMEN’S HEALTH. Britney posted over 6 pictures of her fitness mag shoot on her Instagram account which now has over 4.1M followers. She is thrilled to be looking so great and proving motherhood can be an obstacle to keeping a great body but with determination any women can get herself to where she wants to be in life. The FORZA media office think Britney has done a great job getting her life back on track after shaving her head bald and checking into rehab, although if we had her money we'd probably all be in with a chance.

You can follow Britney on Instagram @britneyspears also follow FORZA on @forzasupplements.