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Bonjour from Gay Paris!

March 19, 2015

Bonjour from Gay Paris!

Yes, I'm in France for this week's blog, enjoying a bit of retail therapy with my good mate Tanya. We whizzed over for the day on Eurostar and we're hitting the shops and maxing up our credit cards. I am on the hunt for some gorgeous Christian Louboutin shoes.

I've already got three pairs but tell me a girl in the world who would say no to a fourth pair. They look stunning and yet are surprisingly comfortable, too. The man is a genius and where better to buy his wonderful creations that in his home city of Paris. Thankfully, the pound is currently doing really well against the Euro so I should have a few quid left over to glam up my wardrobe in other ways, too. There is nothing I like more than a day's girlie shopping - especially after all the hard work I've done over the last few weeks. Just don't tell my bank manager. He'll bl**** kill me!

Real story behind TOWIE tears

It's been so brilliant to be back on The Only Way Is Essex again these last few weeks. Everyone saw me on the live episode a few weeks ago and it was great to be back on last week again supporting my gorgeous cousin Chloe Sims. All fans of the show will know that Chloe has been having a tough time lately. She wanted me by her side when she discussed the very painful feud she is having with her brother Charlie. They had a row about something and nothing five months ago and so far they haven't been able to patch things up. The pain that is causing is killing poor Chloe, who lives for her family.

We've been close all our lives and grew up together. My lovely late mother, Tina, and her dad were siblings. If you are going to air big issues like that on a show like TOWIE, you need to keep it in the family, which is why Chloe wanted me by her side.

That is why I was back on the show. They invited me back again for last night's (Wed) episode for the big St Patrick's Day party. That is three episodes in the last month - just like the old days! It was great to see all my pals and it felt good to be a sounding board for Chloe. I really do hope that she can sort things out with Charlie. I know all too well how important family is and how you have got to cherish every moment with your family members while they are still around. Sunday was Mother's Day and obviously that is a pretty poignant day for me and Joey every year. Never a day goes by when I don't think of mum and the sacrifices she made for me and Joey. I love you mum. x

Blondes have more fun

Do blondes really have more fun? That is the question everyone is asking after the remarkable transformation of Kim Kardashian after she peroxided her brunette locks. I don't think she got it right at first - it was all a bit too yellow.

But she has sorted it out now and looks fabulous. Regular readers of this column will know how much I love all the Kardashian girls - their TV show is the best. I've been a natural blonde all my life and have no plans to go the opposite way to Kim by trying life as a brunette. The look just wouldn't work for me: my skin is too fair. One of my favourite movies of all time is Legally Blonde. The message there was you need to ditch blonde hair to be taken seriously. I'm not sure that's true. Us blondes have a lot of fun - trust me! - but we're no airheads either.  

Weigh to go!

I've been working with the experts from Forza for six months now and I can honestly say that it has completely changed my life. After ten years of yo-yoing weight problems, it seems a bit strange to jump on the scales each week and see that my weight is constant. I've managed to stick around my ideal weight of 10st for the last few months by exercising regularly, watching what I eat and by regularly taking my Forza Supplements.

The Forza team have taught me so much about diet and nutrition and about avoiding the wrong types of food. It's completely changed my eating habits when I go out. All my fans on Twitter will know how much I love Sheesh in Chigwell. I love simple grilled lamb, chicken or prawns - combined with some salad. Thanks to Forza I have lost 21lb since Christmas and I have never felt happier. I highly recommend their new products, Forza Raspberry Ketone with Collagen and Garcinia Cambogia with Sea Kelp.

They are like willpower in a bottle and the collagen has kept my skin looking amazing. What I love about my new life is that I don't cringe every time I go to the scales - expecting the worst. I I know that there are not going to be any nasty surprises, even after one too many nights partying down at Sugarhut. I've noticed how healthy it is to weigh yourself daily. It makes sure you stay disciplined. If I go up even as much as a pound, I am making an adjustment the next day. That is why my yo-yo no longer goes up and down  - it stands dead still.

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