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Body Confidence Takes A Blow As Twitter Trolls Ask If I’m Pregnant!

April 10, 2015

Body Confidence Takes A Blow As Twitter Trolls Ask If I’m Pregnant!

My body confidence took a step back this week in my quest for a flat stomach. I thought I was nearly there in terms of my flat tummy and so I wore a very revealing white dress with a plunging neck-line to an event in London – and someone asked if I was pregnant!

The problem was that from the side my tummy did look like it was sticking out a bit. This kind of dress will show every lump and bump - there’s no hiding any imperfections with a plunging neck-line like this. Inevitably the twitter trolls were out in force and one of them seriously asked if I was pregnant.

I think it hurt more because she wasn't actually trying to be rude. Clearly, there’s still some way to go before I achieve my Jessica Ennis style abs. Admittedly this outfit was pretty risqué and provocative (but what girl doesn't want to get noticed right?), normally I dress to conceal my stomach, which along with my hips is my big trouble spot, but last night I let it all hang out and I got a bit of flak for it.

I have got thin legs and arms, which I want to build up a bit with my training. In the past week I can see that my bum and thighs are getting bigger, probably a couple of inches on both – and I like that, I want to have more of a Kim K posterior. But the tummy fat has not budged yet.   

The key is to do Kim’s Wide Squats. Have a wide stance and with your toes pointed out, this will work your butt more and your hamstrings less. Try doing three sets of 40 daily and you’ll really start to build your butt. Then add side lunges into your routine, as well as lots of dumbbell squats and other lunge variations. Try doing them as a min-circuit with 40 reps on each and moving on to the next exercise after 12 seconds rest. Four sets of 40 and you will start to build a formidable behind.   

It’s the hardest thing for me to shift and work-outs are not enough, I've got to eat pretty clean – porridge in the morning, Forza LipoWhey protein shake with berries and mixed with water after a gym work-out. Chicken fillet (with no skin) for lunch, then some meat with two portions of green veg for dinner, and absolutely no carbs after 4pm, and I’m taking one Forza Raspberry K2 tablet in the morning for energy 30 minutes prior to my work-out and then one in the afternoon around 3pm. I don’t have a target weight, I have a target look – and that is washboard abs. Hopefully if I keep this up I’m only a few weeks away. And just for the record – I’m not pregnant.  

Big Brother’s Helen Woods had a pop at me this week on twitter. After seeing me in a less than flattering photograph out running with my tummy showing, she felt it necessary to accuse me of having the picture photo-shopped. Always a pleasure to set the lovely Ms Woods straight on these things – that is absolutely NOT the case, but thanks for asking. Not sure I need any air-brushing to make my tummy look bigger but thanks for the suggestion, it’s always a pleasure to enter into a debate regarding matters of honesty and morality with a former prostitute. My only regret is that I bothered to respond, and I must remember in future the old adage, never wrestle with a pig, you both get dirty but the pig likes it.  

One Direction’s Zayn Malik followed me on twitter when I was in the Celebrity Big Brother house, apparently all the boys in the band were watching. OK, big deal, that doesn't mean we’re close friends or anything – and I've never met or spoken to him, but I feel this gives me some kind of connection – electronically at least. It’s been sad to see him leave the band a couple of weeks ago and I’m sure millions of hearts have been broken but he’s 22-years-old and he needed his independence and he was clearly unhappy being in the band for quite some time. I’m sure the other four will continue to be superstars around the world, and I hope that Zayn continues with his music.  

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