• Account manager Rachel loses 5 stone after getting advice from Made In Chelsea star Binky Felstead
  • Reality star provided advice on how she shapped up for the hit E4 series
  • Introduced popular slimming product to her diet with improved diet and exercise sessions

Dieter Rachel Morris has recently revealed how she was able to lose an amazing five stone just by following the same dieting tips from the beautiful Made In Chelsea star, Binky Felstead.

Rachel Morris, 24, from Wollaton and an account manager from The Linney Group was able to knock an impressive six inches from off her waistline, bringing her down from a size 18 to a sexy size 10, with a total slimming loss of 5 stone.

This meant Rachel brought herself down from 16 stone to an impressive 11 stone just by simply using the advice from celebrity Binky Felstead, incorporating FORZA Raspberry K2 into her diet and increasing the intensity of her gym sessions.

Rachel was inspired to tackle her weight loss battle after Binky Felstead made a public appearance at the popular pharmacy chain headquarters, Boots, in Nottingham back in 2014.

Rachel said: "I have always been a huge fan of Made in Chelsea, particularly Binky Felstead. I noticed her huge transformation throughout the show. She was initially quite plump at the beginning of the series and now she has really turned herself around.

She looked absolutely amazing when I first met her during her public appearance in Nottingham. She was just so toned and had an amazing shape. I always remember remember thinking, 'I need to do what she is doing’.

Binky Felstead was so incredibly sweet when I met her. She even explained to me how she had finally changed her diet and started to exercise regularly with the help of Raspberry K2 from Forza Supplements.

Just by seeing her looking so great and in shape was the exact inspiration I had been looking for in order to really get in shape."

Rachel Morris lost an impressive five stone after a chance meeting with Made In Chelsea star Binky Felstead.

Tipping the scales and unhappy

Rachel’s story is very similar to many others. She had allowed her weight to shoot up throughout the years since leaving school, simply by overeating. She would manage to consume entire tubes of Pringles, family-sized chocolate bars and plenty of other popular snacks and unhealthy foods all in the space of a single day. The weight kept piling on, which meant Rachel needed to make the change she so desperately needed.

Rachel went ahead to explain: "I was constantly eating all the wrong types of food and I had no exercise in my life, which meant my weight began to spiral out of control. The weight gain made me miserable and I had no self-confidence at all. I will always remember shopping at shops such as Warehouse, Oasis and Topshop and realising, as a size 18 woman, many of their designs wouldn’t be able to fit me. I never wanted anyone to see my body either.

During family holidays I always felt ashamed of my appearance. There was no way on this earth you would of seen me in a bikini." The reality check hit when Rachel forced herself on to a set of scales and the paper receipt which was printed, showed Rachel her true weight of 16 stone, that brought her to tears.

At this point Rachel knew this was a wake-up call that she needed and that she had to exercise regularly and eat more carefully. But the changes Rachel made didn't really provide her with the results she needed, until she met Binky Felstead at the public appearance at Boots headquarters which was situated in Nottingham. Seeing the new slimmed down Binky provided Rachel with the incentive to do more.

Rachel began to take the same Forza supplements that Binky Felstead had used throughout her own slimming journey, Raspberry K2 capsules, which Rachel said made a significant difference. She said: "The weight soon began to fall off when I started to take the Raspberry K2 capsules from Forza. They prevented me from snacking and gave me that extra boost of energy that I needed in order to go visit the gym."