• Maggie De Block rolls in at a hefty 20 stone
  • Health Minister defends weight and suitability for role
  • Opinion is widely one sided – cast your vote!

Like many UK politician’s, Belgium’s minister for public health is coming under fire, however it is not for the policy’s that she is working on but for her chubby physique. Maggie De Block (pictured below) 52, is a stalwart of Belgium’s political scene and has recently been installed into her position to tackle the obesity crisis in the country. Many are questioning her suitability for role and whether someone so large can be an advocate for good health. Weighing in at 20 stone, Ms De Block is fielding a wave of online trolls regarding her fuller figure. On Twitter, Alex Grove commented, “This is Belgium’s new minister for health Maggie De Block. The irony…”

And Alfie Pacino also on Twitter commented, “Maggie De Block too big to be ‘credible’ as minister – it’s what’s inside that counts. That’ll be the pies.”

We think that Maggie might be able to bring something different to the role and use her weighty experience to influence the obesity crisis in Belgium.   **VOTING CLOSED**

We asked you... "Do you think Belgium's minister for public health is credible for the role?" 64% voted - No it makes a mockery of promoting good health 36% voted - Yes - it's the ability to perform the job that counts