Jennifer Jane is 34 years old and lives in London. As well as being a FORZA ambassador, make-up artist to the stars and a professional model she is also campaigning to help stem the rise of obesity in the UK. Jennifer is the face of FORZA’s new Multivitamin for Dieters, a capsule that supports any diet or eating regime by ensuring you get all the nutrients required when you are cutting calories.  

You currently live in London. Is it really the best city in the world?

I lived in London when I was younger as it made getting to work easier. As I grew older I started picking up work all over Europe and further afield so I decided to live in Mallorca and commute. Flights from Mallorca back to London are not cheap so I have to plan my trips well in advance and the weather here is very good all year round. I spend most of my spring in London because the buzz is truly amazing. I love England in the spring; it’s a beautiful place and everyone is so much happier when the sun is shining and the promise of summer is in the air.


At what age did you start modelling?

I started modelling at 21 after quitting my "proper job" as an advertising sales executive. My boss thought I was mad (looking back I probably was!) but it was the start of a crazy adventure that continues to take me in so many exciting directions to this day.  

How do women react when you tell them you’re a model?

In all honesty, I prefer to say that I'm a makeup artist. In the past I have had negative reactions from girls, but maybe it was just an age thing. One girl said to me once: "Oh you're actually quite nice aren't you; I was expecting you to be a bitch". Now that I'm a little older, reactions seem to be a little more welcoming. Women are generally more intrigued than offended.  

Are you a natural blonde?

When I was a toddler I had white ringlets but it got considerably darker as I grew up so I've had a little help in that direction. I would actually love to be a brunette; I think having dark hair and light eyes would look amazing.  

How do you manage to stay in shape?

I like to mix my fitness up a fair bit. I tend to go through fazes depending on my work load and where I am in the world. I was quite heavily into CrossFit a while ago and chopping that up with a few sessions of Bikram Yoga. At the moment, I am really into yoga and Bootcamp Pilates but I am always up for trying new things. I find the latter and a healthy, balanced diet works well for my body type.  

What is your best beauty tip for New Year?

Drink plenty of water and invest in a decent eye cream. The first signs of aging usually appear around the eyes so keep your skin hydrated from the inside and out!


What makes you get out of bed in the morning?

My alarm clock usually. I would love to say the thought of a morning run or an early morning yoga class but I really do love my duvet. Sunday morning lay-ins are sacred to me.  

How many times a day do you eat?

Generally around five times a day. I believe in eating little and often rather than the traditional three main meals a day. I also find I have more energy this way.  

Where do you like to socialise with the girls?

When I'm in London I like to meet the girls at Sushisamba; they do amazing cocktails, the sushi is to die for and don’t even get me started with the journey in the elevator!  Although it's great to get out and enjoy the sights of London, I do love to be at home with a bottle of Prosecco, my favourite ladies and a great girly movie.  

Why did you decide to work with FORZA?

I was working on a photo shoot as a make-up artist for Casey Batchelor who was in Celebrity Big Brother and I was introduced to the Managing Director of the company Lee Smith. He told me about the company’s vision to make losing weight safely an aspirational and fashionable thing to do. He told me that all of the diet products they sold were designed to stop people buying cheap and dangerous pills online that were not made to the correct safety standard.  

What do you hope to achieve?

Everyone puts on weight and then loses it – humans have been doing so for thousands of years. The problem is excess weight over a long period can cause a chain reaction of health problems that can’t always be reversed. With FORZA I want to help prove that you can live your life the way you want to live it and stay healthy. Happiness doesn't come from a fried breakfast or a cheeseburger; it comes from being confident in the skin you are in … oh, and maybe the ‘occasional’ burger.