Investing time in yourself is one of the best things you can do for your own health and wellbeing. Just taking an hour or two out a week from your normal routine to regain balance and perspective can work wonders for your soul.

Spending money on going shopping, getting a massage or a facial always bodes well for the feel good factor, but parting with your hard earned cash can sometimes have the opposite effect! Many of us can’t afford to treat ourselves regularly (as much as we would like to) however, pampering yourself doesn't have to cost an arm and a leg.  

The hair treatment: Avocado hair mask 

Avocado is incredibly nourishing, thanks to its high fat and protein content. It works wonders on taming frizz and conditioning the hair.

You will need: Half a ripe avocado (peeled), one egg and two tablespoons of wheat germ oil or caster oil.

How To: In a small bowl, mash the avocado until smooth. Add the egg and oil, and mix until you have a creamy consistency. Massage the mix into dry hair, starting from the tips up to the roots. Once you have applied the mix, cover your head with a shower cap or small plastic bag. Make yourself a cup of tea, take a copy of The Daily Bulletin and relax for 30 minutes. Once your 30 minutes is up, shampoo hair as normal, comb through and allow to dry. For dry, damaged hair, repeat once a week  

The face treatment: Hydrating face mask

With the warmer weather fast approaching, most if us will be spending more time outdoors in the sun which always takes its toll on our skin. Protecting our skin against the harsh rays of the sun is paramount but there are times when this may be overlooked, so knowing how to sooth the skin when it needs it the most is important.

You will need: Cream, natural yoghurt, honey, some Aloe Vera (either in gel form or if you’re lucky enough to have it growing in your garden simply split the hard exterior of the leaf with a sharp knife and scrape out the fleshy gooey part) and a good old avocado.

How to: Its best to use a blender for this mix, but if you don’t have one available, use a bowl and blend together all of the above ingredients with a fork until you have a smooth mixture. Cover with Clingfilm and place in the fridge for an hour to cool. If you have a foundation brush, use this to apply the mixture to a clean, makeup free face, allowing 15-20 minutes for it to sink in and dry. If not, simply apply using your finger tips. Once the mixture has dried, remove with a warm flannel. The result will be a perfectly pampered, glowing complexion.  

The body treatment: Exfoliating body scrub Most of us will be exposing areas of our bodies that until now, have been shrouded in long sleeves and trousers. Summer will soon be upon us, so if we start with the preparation now, we can have glowing limbs to be proud of within a short few weeks!

You will need: 1 cup brown sugar, 1 cup of oats and 1 cup of olive oil 

How to: Again, place all of the ingredients into a bowl and mix together thoroughly. Once you have an even consistency, massage into dry skin using your hands in a circular motion. It’s a good idea to do this either standing in the bath or shower, as it can get a little messy! Once you have smothered yourself from top to toe, simply rinse off with lukewarm water and off you go!

The lip treatment: Exfoliation All of us at some point have to deal with sore and chapped lips often caused by sun or wind exposure, dehydration (alcohol) or just generally feeling a bit under the weather, sometimes you will find your regular lip balm just doesn't cut the mustard.

You will need: A toothbrush and your favourite lip balm or some Vaseline

How to: Apply your lip balm in the normal fashion. Take your toothbrush and dampen slightly. Then, literally move the toothbrush in a circular motion, over the lips until all dry skin has been buffed away. Dry your lips and reapply your lip balm.

Top tip To soften areas of hard skin such as elbows and knees, take a freshly cut lemon and apply to the area. Fruit acids in the lemon will soften rough patches on skin and lighten dark areas of the skin.   On a different note….. Some of you may have seen me in the Daily Mail Online last week for Bluebella Lingerie. It seemed to cause quite a stir amongst commuters on their way to work, it certainly raised a few eyebrows, a nerve racking experience I can tell you but all good fun.

Getting your kit off at the best of times is a rather daunting prospect let alone letting it all hang on the tube! I’m just grateful I had Forza on my side in the run up to the shoot. I regularly take Raspberry K2 and Multivitamins for Dieters to keep in shape for all of my lingerie and fitness shoots. That mixed with a healthy eating plan and a balanced workout regime ensures I stay in control of my weight and keep all the important bits nice and toned. Over the next few weeks, I will be showing you how I keep in shape in the run up to summer.


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Jennifer Jane is 34 years old and lives in London. As well as being a FORZA ambassador, make-up artist to the stars and a professional model she is also campaigning to help stem the rise of obesity in the UK. Jennifer is the face of FORZA’s new Multivitamin for Dieters, a capsule that supports any diet or eating regime by ensuring you get all the nutrients required when you are cutting calories. Find out more about Jennifer.