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Look Like Myleene Klass & Katherine Jenkins: How to avoid ‘morning after’ weight gain

October 31, 2014

Look Like Myleene Klass & Katherine Jenkins: How to avoid ‘morning after’ weight gain

It seems like all you ever see in the news are pictures of celebrities out partying with friends, and it seems like those same celebrities never have to worry about their late night antics affecting their waistlines. This is indeed true of glamorous pals Katherine Jenkins and Myleene Klass who were spotted out and about in London this week.

They were both attending the launch of Katherine’s new husband’s art gallery in Berkeley Square. The Welsh opera singer looked stunning in her little black dress and was not at all worried about how the night ahead may impact on her figure. She tweeted: “So excited & proud of my husband”. Her close friend Myleene Klass, who is now a regular panellist on daytime talk show Loose Women, was there to show her support in a pretty floral dress.

We know that totally abstaining from alcohol is a bit too drastic – even if you are watching your weight – so we have provided five simple tips to avoid weight gain after a night out with friends:

  1. Minimise your fat intake during the day if you know you will be drinking heavily at night – eat only meals based around lean proteins and vegetables. Stay away from anything carbohydrate-rich.
  2. Get a good gym session in before your night out as this will ensure that your metabolism is running high and your body can process calories faster.
  3. You should avoid high calorie beverages, such as beer and cocktails, and instead stick to dry wines and spirits. If you are using mixers, you should also ensure that these come in the form of diet drinks (such as club soda) and are not loaded with sugar (such as Coke and lemonade). By choosing your drink more wisely, you can save yourself hundreds and hundreds of calories.
  4. You should also try to space your drinks out over as much time as possible. If you want to limit the amount of damage that is done to your waistline, it is vital that you refrain from throwing as much alcohol down your throat that you lose count of (and stop caring about) how many drinks you have consumed.
  5. Since it is common for alcohol to increase your appetite, it is very likely that you are going to get hit with a bout of the post-drink munchies. If you must eat after a night out then make sure you eat something that is filling and high in protein. The worst thing you can do is to load up on carbs – pizza, kebabs, junk food, etc.
Remember, you should also try to stay active and eat healthily the rest of the time as well. We all get to see celebrities out enjoying themselves, but you should also consider how hard they might be working behind closed doors!