Luisa Zissman, runner-up on The Apprentice 2013, has revealed that she has lost a stone in a month with the help of FORZA Raspberry Ketone diet pills.

The reality star, who admits to having a lot of body issues, has stripped off to her bikini in a recent photo-shoot to show off her amazing weight loss. Luisa was unhappy after pictures emerged of her wearing a gold bikini on holiday in Marbella last month. She admitted that she felt very insecure about her appearance and was hurt by comments made by online bullies who branded her ‘fat’.

The 26-year-old businesswoman has spent years trying to shift her mummy tummy after giving birth to daughter Dixie, aged three, and admits to trying numerous diets in a bid to shift the weight.

Since becoming a mum, Luisa has not been happy with her figure and has been plagued by unattractive rolls of fat and unsightly love handles on her hips. Her weight has yoyo-ed from anywhere between 9st 3lbs at her heaviest to 8st 2lbs at her lightest. However, with the help of FORZA Supplements Luisa has managed to lose a stone in a month and finally get rid of her ‘jelly belly’. She is now much happier with her figure and gladly posed in another bikini to show off the results.

The Raspberry Ketone diet pills have been used by a string of celebrities in the US after they were hailed as a ‘miracle cure’ for weight loss. Luisa turned to the pills after being stung by unkind Twitter comments when pictures of her were taken holidaying in Spain. She explained: “I thought I looked a bit fat in the gold bikini pictures of me. I saw myself and thought that I needed to tone up.”

Luisa has managed to stay at her ideal weight after taking the FORZA capsules, which give her extra energy and take the edge off her appetite to prevent snacking between meals. Talking about her body insecurities, she said: “Like every women I have a lot of body issues. I’m really curvy, but I don’t really like my hips or love handles. “I’ve got a really small waist, but there’s a 10-12 inch difference between my waist and my hips which is huge.”

Motherhood also added to those insecurities, with Luisa putting on 3 ½ stone when she was pregnant. She struggled for years to get her figure back and ended up having a boob job to regain some confidence.

She said: “When you are pregnant, you can lose sight of who you are and, for me, getting a boob job was part of being me again. “My boobs had turned into empty sacks after my pregnancy, so I had them boosted from a 32C to a 32E.” Despite this change, Luisa was still left with what she refers to as a ‘jelly belly’. She said: “I was unhappy with how my stomach looked from having a baby – I had quite a bit of a jelly belly.

“I always keep a close eye on my weight and it can fluctuate quite a lot. I can go from anywhere just over 9st down to 8st 2lbs which is my ideal weight.” Luisa decided to try Britain’s favourite range of diet supplements after hearing from showbiz pals that they really work. Within a month, the reality star had lost a stone and gained the body of her dreams. She said: “I feel great. I lost my target weight of a stone and I am now at my ideal weight of 8st 2lbs. “I’m a snacker at heart so I will usually pick at anything that’s around me. But when I take a FORZA Raspberry Ketone in the morning and afternoon, my snacking habits are completely curbed. They are like willpower in pill form. “I feel more energised and taking the capsules had not really affected by lifestyle at all. I have lost the weight despite still being partial to the odd cake.”

FORZA Raspberry Ketone is made from 100% natural ingredients and the capsules speed up a person’s resting metabolism, allowing users to burn off more calories during their normal daily routine. They were hailed as a ‘miracle’ diet cure in the States after being featured on the popular Dr. Oz medical show on TV, and both Kim Kardashian and Oprah Winfrey have admitted to using the supplement to keep their weight stable. In the UK, ex-Emmerdale beauty Roxanne Pallett has used the capsules to lose more than a stone in preparation for her Rocky Horror stage tour.

She said: “I am a big fan of the Kardashians and I heard that they contributed to their weight loss with these supplements which speed up your metabolism.” The British actress continued: “If you can find something that has the natural ability to speed up your metabolism, that is safe and that works, then that is great. Especially with a woman’s metabolism because it slows down when you reach a certain age.”

Spencer Matthews from Made in Chelsea has also used FORZA Supplements Green Coffee diet pills to lose a stone in a week. He took them to get in shape prior to filming for the upcoming series of Made in Chelsea. He said: “I wanted to lose weight fast and look good on TV. The FORZA Supplements capsules worked for me.”