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Another FORZA Success - LIPOWHEY Protein Shake

September 12, 2014

Another FORZA Success - LIPOWHEY Protein Shake

Many of my close friends know that whilst FORZA is a key player in the weight loss industry I am personally very motivated to attack the epidemic that is obesity. For years television has promoted being happy with being heavy and magazines have promoted stick thin models, neither are healthy!

I have been asked many times over the years to develop a whey protein for the bodybuilding market that would work in synergy with our famous T5 fat burner. At FORZA we have looked at creating unique blends since 2007 and have always been disappointed with the options available for new product development. In addition I cannot promote massive muscle gain as this also puts strain on the heart.

I keenly watch my diet and stay in good shape but was surprised to find my cholesterol was increasing as I got older. Increased cholesterol has no symptoms but the effects can lead to heart disease or more commonly heart attacks and even death. It is a silent killer. As part of my commitment to combating obesity and reducing stored fat in mankind I have instructed our NPD team to develop under my guidance a world first. It is with the greatest pride that we introduce LIPOWHEY.

The first protein drink that is low in carbs, high in amino acids and most importantly it lowers your cholesterol by 10%. This product will help people lower their fat levels, build muscle and reduce stored LDL (bad) Cholesterol; it also works in conjunction with statins if required. Marketed as ”Protein for grown-ups” we will give many boxes away to the elderly to build their strength and lower their risk of heart disease. In addition this product will spark a new revolution in people over 30 that now exercise as part of their lifestyle and do not want to use products that are targeted at 25 year males who want to have huge muscles.

The benefits of protein in regulated dosages and plant sterols that lower cholesterol are well documented and I invite you all to learn more by watching this video here Please understand the risks of not taking care of yourself as you get older. Our goal is to educate the masses and if we save 1 life then it is worth it.