• Kate is horrendously sick every morning according to Kensington Palace
  • 32 year old is already 14 weeks pregnant after the September announcement
  • Her condition worsened although is now steadily improving

It’s the dream come true for all young girls, Find a Prince, Marry a Prince and then have his babies, That is exactly what The Duchess of Cambridge is doing but it comes with a price; Morning sickness. The English rose who stole the Nations hearts during her wedding to Prince William has been suffering so badly that one source told the Daily Mail online: 'Kate is feeling so lousy that she just wanted to be with her family and out of public view.

Having been hospitalised with hyperemesis gravidarum (severe nausea and vomiting) and dehydration in the course of her first pregnancy with Prince George the doctors have been better organised this time and may, some medical experts have suggested, even have treated her with a drip at home.

According to the NHS it’s thought that hormonal changes in the first 12 weeks are probably one of the causes of morning sickness or a lack of vitamin B6 in the diet. The Duchess had to cancel her first solo trip to Malta in September and then another local trip in London because she felt so ill. However news released by Kensington Palace has confirmed that Kate returned to her family home to recuperate in Bucklebury, Berkshire along with Prince George. It is said that she is on-the-mend and that her condition is steadily improving”.

Fortunately for Kate her fitness was great when she fell pregnant. With her own fully equipped gym at Kensington Palace the future Queen of England is said to work-out regularly. Having seen how quickly she lost weight after the birth of Prince George we think she will be fighting fit again in no time.

In the mean-time we look forward to seeing her bloom as the beauty of pregnancy gives the Royal Family another heir. Duchess of Cambridge (pictured above) with Prince William and Prince Harry    

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