- Liverpool’s favourite WAG is moving Stateside

- Alex has been hitting the gym more frequently due to feeling under pressure

- She is desperate to fit in with the LA lifestyle 

Alex Gerrard has been pictured looking toned and tanned, ahead of her move to the States later this year. Her husband, Liverpool F.C footballer, Steven Gerrard, has made the life-changing decision to move to LA Galaxy after nearly two decades at the club.

Alex and Steven, both from Liverpool, have three young children and will be relocating to a £17million Malibu mansion which will be worlds away from their current life. Alex is keen to follow in the footsteps of the Beckham's who moved to LA in 2007, she thinks that LA could produce a lot of opportunities for her.

However, Alex is feeling the pressure to fit in with the LA lifestyle and has upped the intensity of her fitness regime. Although they are moving to LA for Steven's career, Alex is keen to make the most of their relocation. LA is a fitness hotspot and Alex will be excited to carry on her intensive fitness regime in the States. It is not yet certain how the Gerrard's will succeed in America, however Alex is certainly on her way to looking like a Hollywood star. Will Alex Gerrard crack America? Let us know what you think.