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A Busy Week, But That’s Normal Around Here

October 11, 2013

A Busy Week, But That’s Normal Around Here

As the winter edges ever closer and the nights draw in, it was interesting to see sales of the mood-boosting supplement Super 5-HTP begin to increase. Following spring everyone has an increased level of expectation of summer and so sales of this serotonin complex tend to tail off, but it looks like we will have to begin promoting heavily with the pre-Christmas trend turning towards mood enhancers.

I have just signed off on a collaboration with Health & Fitness to produce a Legs Bums & Tums MagBook that goes on sale on December 31st. This will promote the FORZA brand heavily for the nine month period that it runs and distribution outlets includes WH Smiths, Amazon, a number of selected grocery retailers (including Tesco, Sainsbury, Asda and Morrisons) as well as the Apple news stand. This promotion goes hand-in-hand with the eight slots that we have booked next year for magazine wrap takeovers. We anticipate huge uplift in January in the weight loss sector so we plan to saturate advertising and PR at this time.

You may have seen that Luisa Zissman has been getting lots of press recently and FORZA seems to be getting a few mentions here and there. She has been an absolute star and champions our brand heavily as she loves the Raspberry Ketones. Next week we have a piece in OK! Magazine with Binky Felstead from Made in Chelsea. In this coverage we will continue our tie-up with No.1 Boot Camp who have helped Binky get into shape ready for the launch of the new series on Sunday.

I would like to thank Shingo Murakami, Managing Director of Rakuten’s, for hosting FORZA on Tuesday evening and for featuring me in their first ever trade magazine. It was an absolute pleasure and of course a well needed ego boost. Finally, we have launched a new email campaign for our resellers that will allow them to capitalise on the FORZA publicity. By having access to this data, buyers can work with their marketing teams to re-market the brand and gain maximum exposure from the press. Our team are always looking to generate pull-through to assist sales and build strong lasting relationships.

With the Japanese F1 Grand Prix on this weekend I shall be watching the qualifying and decorating the nursery as my girlfriend is expecting very soon. It would seem that I have been concentrating on business too much and have neglected to attend to the needs of our growing household … wish me luck. Have a lovely weekend people.

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