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Marnie Simpson

September 15, 2015

Marnie Simpson

Disclaimer: Individual results may vary from person to person. Always use in conjunction with a healthy diet and following directions on bottle.

about marnie

Marnie Simpson is best known for starring in reality TV show Geordie Shore.

After seeing her co-stars Holly Hagan and Charlotte Crosby dramatically overhaul their diet, the 22-year old entrusted FORZA to help her weight loss.

Marnie’s Diet Plan

Marnie's old diet consisted of weekly kebabs, sugary strawberry laces, Haribo sweets, Baileys and Desperados Tequila-flavoured beer. As part of her diet overhaul, Marnie introduced grilled fish and chicken, fresh fruit, vodka and soda into her weekly eating plan.
"I could quickly see my body shape changing and this gave me added confidence."


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Marnie’s High Intensity Workout


1 min high knees 1 min jumping jacks 2 min straight leg kicks 1 min walking lunges 2 min recover


1 min press ups 1 min squats 1 min split jumps 1 min burpees 1 min recover


1 min high knees 2 min speed skaters 1 min plank 2 min leg lifts 1 min plank row 1 min mountain climbers 1 min tuck jumps 1 min wall sit 1 min tricep dips 2 min recover


1 min Russian twists 1 min lying quad stretch 1 min runner's stretch 

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