David's Story

David Johnston

From: Newcastle

Age: 37

Height: 5ft 8

Instagram: davidjohnston1979

Starting weight: 16.7 stone

Target weight: 12 stone

Focus: toning and muscle building

I was always fit as a fiddle and could never ever put weight on as a kid, I was very active as a child I played football nearly every day off the week and was signed up to Newcastle united at the age of 10 to 14 but was then released when they scrapped their academy. I then left school and joined the army and was in for 3 years so as you can guess you have to be at your fittest and at one point was doing my one and a half mile test run in just over 8 minutes which I don't think I'll ever be able to do again lol.

David Johnstone - AA Patrolman Of The Year

My weight started creeping up when I left the army and started wagon driving and doing shift work, sitting in a wagon for 11 hours a day and constantly snacking on the wrong foods, I'd pull up to the services and there's always an offer on the chocolate and crisps so I just picked them up and before I know the years have gone by and I've gained an amount of weight that's a major struggle to get off.

In 2014 I won The AA UK recovery patrolman of the year for my company which meant that for a year and a half I lived in hotels and on hotel foods, it was a great accolade to be thought so highly of and I had to represent the company for different company shows and tv and radio, I even got a small part in the advert on tv last year, you may have seen it - the one on the nudist camp and he's lost his keys and me and my truck are the very last scene on the battlefield! As you can imagine this was great to be part of, but that had a massive impact on my health and weight.

It wasn't until I was at the awards handing the trophy over to the new winner and I saw the pictures of myself that it really hit home how big I had got, I was so embarrassed.

I really didn't want to be overweight anymore so last year that I joined a gym and started taking the Forza T5 which helped me with that little boost to get me through my sessions. I can't speak highly enough about the T5s, I recommend them to anyone who I speak too regarding weight loss I'm so pleased with my progress and am really proud of what I have achieved, I'm not far off my target weight now but really want to focus on toning my midriff - I struggle with my belly & hips so am now working with Forza and their team of nutritionists & PT's to tackle this and shift the fat around my belly.

I have a cousins wedding at the end of July and my aim is to take my top off at the pool and be happy and not hide under a t shirt in the sun like I have for many many years.