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Spencer Matthews FORZA Weight Loss Story

Made in Chelsea Star Spencer Matthews Uses FORZA Green Coffee to Lose a Stone in a Week

Spencer Matthews has recently burned off a stone of fat in just one week by using the latest FORZA weight loss supplement during his stay at a tough Norfolk-based military boot camp.

The reality TV star dropped from a podgy 14st to a much leaner 13st after just five days of using FORZA Green Coffee 2:2:1.

Eton-educated Spencer had piled on the pounds after too much partying and late night meals and wanted to look good for the new series of Made in Chelsea, which starts in the middle of September (date TBC).

Spencer was determined not to have a repeat of his return to the show last year when he arrived on set looking decidedly podgy.

At one point on set last year the 25-year-old took off his top, showing just how much he had really let it go over the holidays after putting on over a stone in weight.

Keen not to repeat the bad start to a new series, he went through a grueling 12-hour a day workout routine with British Army PT instructors and whenever his cravings for snacks and junk food got the better of him he used the latest fat-burning supplement from FORZA.

Spencer said: “The FORZA Green Coffee capsules really helped when the rations at the camp were meager. It basically took my mind off wanting to go and have a snack and stopped me from going crazy for food.

The diet on the camp was a strict 1,200 calories per day, which Spencer found difficult to get by on. However, with the help of FORZA Green Coffee he was able to resist his urges and burn an even greater amount of body fat.