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ISO Quality Guarantee

ISO 22000

FORZA food safety and management systems have been assessed and approved by QMS International plc in accordance with the relevant standards and guidelines. It is our goal to build on this structure. Every food source that FORZA use for raw ingredients is usually compliant with ISO rules. Our suppliers send test sheets with all of their ingredients ensuring the quality. We maintain data sheets that comprise of all specifics pertaining to a product. These data sheets are altered and change controls are recorded to ensure food and customer safety.

Our stocks are meticulously checked and data recorded, in the extremely unlikely event that an ingredient or product must be recalled, we are ready to act with established and tested systems in place. We pride ourselves on our safety policy and urge customers to ensure that all of the supplements they buy come from such legitimate sources.


“ Achieving the relevant ISO certification for FORZA in the selected fields were the key tasks and goals that I was most keen to accomplish when I joined FORZA. My role in communicating with supply chains and distributors has become easier now that we have 3 ISO accreditations in specific areas. This allows us to approach larger firms to distribute our products and breeds an element of trust for our suppliers and retailers. ”. Karen Page, Commercial Director, FORZA

ISO 9001

The approved systems apply to the provision of retail, wholesale, drop shipping, distribution, manufacture and associated services for the food supplement, herbal, nutraceutical and pharmaceutical industries.
Attaining this high level internationally recognised accreditation was paramount for FORZA. This puts us in the top 5% of UK companies and ensures that other companies that deal with us recognise the high standards that we work to.