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With so many supplements to choose from, it can be difficult to know which one is best suited to your needs. To help you find the right product, we have compiled a list of frequently asked questions that cover a wide range of common weight loss issues.


Forza General Questions


This section will help you learn a bit more about food supplements in general. The answers provided should also help to improve your understanding of how and why a person would usually take them.


What is a supplement?

Supplements are usually made up of vitamins, minerals, herbal extracts, amino acids and other dietary ingredients. They can come in capsule, tablet or liquid form.


Why do people take supplements?

Supplements are taken to provide the body with certain nutrients that it is lacking, either through a deficiency in intake or through a depletion caused by exercise.

While some supplements can be taken by everybody to promote general health and vitality, there are many other supplements that support a specific area of the body or help to optimise sporting performance.


How should a supplement be used?

As their name suggests, supplements are intended to supplement (not replace) a healthy diet.

Some supplements are taken in the morning, some are taken before exercise and others are taken before bed. Since it varies greatly depending on the type of supplement being used, it is important to stick to the instructions provided on the label.


Are supplements safe?

The majority of supplements have been evaluated for safety and will not cause you any harm.

However, supplement safety is mainly a matter of product quality. A product of poor quality may not contain the same ingredients as those listed on the label nor contain them in the claimed quantities. It is important that you look for high quality products from reputable companies to reduce the risk of taking a supplement that contains a hidden ingredient or an undeclared contaminant.


Should I consult my doctor before taking any supplements?

Yes, you should always check with your doctor - especially if you have any previously diagnosed medical conditions. Even if a supplement is generally considered safe, there is still a chance that it may negatively interact with certain medications that you are taking.


Are supplements considered a medicine?

Supplements are considered foods, not drugs. While some supplements may have medicinal properties, they are not regulated in the same way as prescription and over-the-counter medicines.


How many supplements can I take at once?

This completely depends on the type of supplement. While there are many sports nutrition products that can be combined, or 'stacked', to provide greater results, taking more than one weight loss product at a time could actually be dangerous.

Before stacking supplements, you need to research the ingredients and their combined amounts. Even vitamins and minerals can be harmful if consumed in excess.


Forza Weight Loss Questions


They are many supplements on the market that have been designed to assist weight loss. Each supplement will usually contain a different set of ingredients and may even adopt a different method, i.e. fat-burning, fat-blocking or appetite suppression.

The answers provided below will help you to understand the difference between these products and should make it clear which weight loss supplement is right for you.


What is the best supplement for burning fat?

We recommend using a thermogenic fat-burner, such as Raspberry Ketone 2:2:1.


What is a thermogenic fat-burner?

A thermogenic fat-burner contains one or more ingredients that are capable of increasing thermogenesis, such as raspberry ketone or capsicum chilli.

Thermogenesis refers to the body’s generation of heat and determines the amount of daily energy that is expended during periods of rest. A thermogenic agent is able to trick the body into burning calories at a faster rate throughout the day without any changes being made to either the diet or exercise routine. It does this by increasing resting metabolism and converting excess calories into heat, which can then be released by the body as thermal energy rather than being stored as fat.


What is the best supplement for blocking fat?

When it comes to blocking the body’s production of fat, we recommend using Green Coffee 2:2:1 since it contains a pure green coffee extract that is very rich in chlorogenic acid.

As well as slowing down the release of glucose into the blood stream, chlorogenic acid is able to inhibit the absorption of fat by reducing the amount of lipase enzymes produced by the body. Without the presence of lipase to metabolise fat, the fat molecules are not absorbed and are instead excreted from the body.


What is the best supplement for appetite suppression?

To help take control of your appetite, we recommend using African Mango 2:2:1.

African mango comes from deep within the rainforests of Cameroon and Nigeria. It is a potent source of soluble fibre and has been used by local tribesmen for hundreds of years to keep hunger at bay during long and exhausting hunting trips.


Why do most weight loss supplements contain caffeine?

Stimulants such as caffeine are vital in ensuring that physical and mental energy levels can be maintained when food intake is drastically reduced. Even light exercise can be too much for somebody who is suffering from ‘dieting fatigue’, so it is important to keep energy, endurance and focus as high as possible during this period.


Should I stick to one diet supplement or change regularly?

If you are comfortable with one particular supplement, then we suggest sticking with until you reach your desired body weight.

However, those with a high tolerance may notice their weight loss gradually slowing to a halt. In this case, you should stop for a week and then start back up again. This should prevent the body from getting used to the supplement and keep the weight loss steady and continuous.


How many FORZA weight loss products can I take at once?

Due to the high caffeine content, you should never take more than one FORZA weight loss product at any given time. You may alternate between different products on a weekly or monthly basis but should refrain from taking them at the same time. This is due to the high caffeine content of most FORZA weight loss products.


How long before I start losing weight?

Since everybody is different, it is very hard to say. Some people will experience slow and steady weight loss while others will experience a much faster rate of weight loss.

With any weight loss product, you should always commit to at least two weeks of continuous use before you can expect to see any significant change in body weight or appearance.


I am currently taking antidepressants. Which weight loss supplements can I take?

The only weight loss products that you can take are those labelled as stimulant-free.

Products containing caffeine (or indeed other stimulants) may interact with antidepressants and lead to a number of negative side effects, such as restlessness, increased body temperature, faster heart rate, nausea, high blood pressure and, occasionally, vomiting. It is for this reason that we would advise you not to take them both at the same time.


How can detox supplements be used to enhance my weight loss?

hen you consider that the average person carries around 10lb of excess water and eight meal’s worth of undigested food at any one time, detox supplements that provide an internal flush can reduce your body weight quite drastically in a relatively short space of time.

Fluid release systems, such as WaterFlow, and colon cleansers, such as PureCol, can also be combined with a fat-burner to achieve even greater weight loss results.


Which weight loss supplement should I take if I am exercising regularly?

If you are serious about weight loss and have committed to a particular exercise regime, then the most effective supplement for weight loss is T5 Super Strength.

The UK’s favourite fat burner is also hugely popular among fitness enthusiasts as a pre-workout energy supplement. This diversity is what makes it perfect for anybody already looking to maximise the results of their exercise programme.


I am a bodybuilder and want to strip that last little bit of fat. Which products do you recommend?

We recommend taking T5 Black Heat, which helps to maintain muscle mass while stripping fat. It is one of the strongest fat-burners on the market and is not suitable for regular dieters.

You should take this product alongside an intense exercise regime and, rather than cutting your calorie intake right down, you should try to eat smaller meals frequently throughout the day. This should help to get rid of that last bit of fat and aid a more toned and sculpted physique.


If I stop taking weight loss supplements, will I put the weight back on?

All weight loss supplements are designed to assist a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle. If you stop taking supplements and revert back to your old eating and exercise habits, then this will have a negative effect on your weight. However, if you continue to eat well and exercise often then you will have no problem in keeping the weight off.


Which FORZA weight loss products be taken alongside the contraceptive pill?

All FORZA weight loss products can be taken alongside the contraceptive pill.


Forza Payment Questions


This section should answer any questions that you have regarding payment of your order.


Is this website secure?

Yes. The website is secure and the payment transaction occurs on a protected server. Our website is PCI compliant to protect against payment card theft and fraud.


Do I need to sign up to anything before I can make a purchase?

No. You do not need to sign up for anything in order to purchase one of our products.


Are there any hidden charges?

There will never be any hidden charges or extra costs.


I have heard a lot about internet diet scams that initially offer free trials but end up charging for monthly subscriptions. Is this the case with FORZA products?

No. We never offer free trials and we do not use a monthly auto-billing programme. We also do not hold your bank details on file, meaning that unless you reorder from us you will only ever be charged once.


Cannot find the information you are looking for?

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