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Environmental Commitment

“The responsibility of meeting target reductions in carbon output is very exciting for me. I recycle everything at home so managing the green issues for FORZA® on a commercial scale was something I relished. Already we reutilise 45% of the packaging that enters the business and we recycle almost all of the cardboard, paper, glass and plastic. My existing role is to ensure that all operations in and out of the warehouse are run to ISO 22000 and 9001 standards so adding ISO 14001 only complements my work. I am really proud of what I do and the resulting low impact for FORZA® on the environment”. Sarah Smith, Distribution Manager, FORZA®


ISO 14001

In June 2012, FORZA Supplements was awarded ISO 14001 certification in recognition of our passion and commitment to environmental protection. While we permanently strive for excellence and innovation, we also recognise that it is our duty to minimise our impact on the environment. As a Kent-based company, we are proud to operate in the beautiful ‘Garden of England’ and take extra care to apply this same commitment and dedication across all of our production and manufacturing processes. 


Our Philosophy is Simple

While we may not yet be able to invest in our own renewable energy scheme or build our own offshore wind farm, the new FORZA Technology Centre will give us a base upon which we can implement various measures aimed at reducing the size of our carbon footprint. This dedicated facility will be made up of state-of-the-art machinery and innovative energy techniques that will assist us as we seek to achieve continual improvement in environmental management.

In the not too distant future, companies will be forced to recognise the impact that their operations have on the global climate and mandatory reductions in carbon emissions will be imposed. FORZA is always one step ahead of the game, as can be gauged from a quick glance at the food supplement industry, so it is no surprise that we have signed up to a commitment to reduce our emissions year on year despite being faced with an increased output of materials due to growing numbers of sales.


How Do We Achieve This?

In the past year, we have mostly stopped using one-time use, disposable materials to package our products in favour of producing packaging made entirely from recycled material. We ship our products to our customers in recycled boxes and we encourage our wholesalers to do likewise by setting up our own incentive scheme. Together we can try to turn materials that would otherwise go to landfill into valuable resources and help to sustain the environment for future generations.

We also send as much product information and sales literature to clients in digital format as well as only printing point-of-sale documentation based on anticipated volume of sales for the coming quarter, rather than based on price breaks offered by the printers. In addition, all of our factory waste is segregated by material and recycled weekly.


The Future

Despite taking huge amounts of pride in the environmental measures that we have already successfully implemented, we recognise that we still have a long way to go. We will remain committed to reducing our carbon footprint and this will include identifying new areas where we feel that our emissions could be reduced.

To request a copy of our environmental policy email us here