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My Big Brother memories, most embarrassing moments and the hunk I’d like to see in CBB (if we were both single!)

I lost a stone in a month to prepare for Celebrity Big Brother by working with an expert team from Forza Supplements.

I wasn’t happy with my shape after leaving Hollyoaks in the summer where I played Sinead O’Connor for six years.

I  completely overhauled my diet and started exercising six times a week. I went down from 9st to 8st in record time and you can see the transformation in these stunning before and after shots.

The key to my success was taking Forza’s Shake It Slim, a meal replacement drink developed exclusively for Boots. It has 24 vitamins and minerals and is packed with protein for muscle retention, yet it contains just 204 calories. I would have a Shake It Slim drink three times a week to accelerate my weight loss.

Shake It Slim made such a difference. Remember those days when you just know your weight loss is working and you really are getting thinner. All my days were when I was taking Shake It Slim.

I used a second Forza product as part of my weight loss regime – Hydratrim. It is based on an ingredient called Glucomannan, which has been scientifically proven to reduce hunger cravings and lead to weight loss.

I would take the Hydratrim capsules before meals and it really took my edge off my appetite. It is also available at Boots.

Check out my pictures below. I achieved all that in a month.

That really is me in the before and after pictures – no airbrushing!




Favourite Big Brother contestants of all time 

For me, there are two who stand out – Kemal Shahin, the male Turkish belly dancer who starred in BB way back in 2005. Bisexual Kemal has now had gender reassignment surgery and is known as a woman called Zulekya. She has appeared on stage and in pantomime and judged beauty pageants like Miss Universe. I remember Kemal being a total legend on BB – TV gold.

My other favourite housemate has to be Nikki Grahame who first appeared in BB in 2006 and then returned for the 16th series in 2015 as a fully fledged celebrity.

I used to love watching Nikki as a teenager – she was mad but nice mad, really-great-TV-mad. She was even better nine years later when she came back. They should have a Nikki Grahame in every reality show. I love her.

Obviously no Big Brother all-time list would be complete without Jade Goody. I am bit young to remember her too well from when she first appeared in the show in 2002, but I recall her extraordinary bravery in the face of cancer and the efforts she made to raise money for her sons before her death. She is a legend.


If you were single, who would you want alongside you in the CBB house?

That would have to be David Beckham (if he was single, too!). He is absolutely gorgeous.

I’ve recently got three new tattoos but I’ve no plans to have as many as Becks. They look great on him.


My most embarrassing moments

1. I remember sitting in my car with my dad listening to the radio and hearing about the extraordinary achievements of Ellen MacArthur, who broke the world record for sailing single handedly around the world in 2005, taking 71 days.

I said to him: “What, she sailed all that way using only one hand! That is what, as 12-year-old girl, I thought they meant by single handedly.

My dad thought it was so funny he rang up the local radio station to share the story. We still laugh about it as a family now!

2. We were filming a really harrowing scene for Hollyoaks about my character Sinead O’Connor’s baby Katy dying. Out of nowhere a wasp appeared on the set and started chasing me all over the place. I was running away screaming my head off. It was so embarrassing.


My all-time favourite stars

1. Best actress has to be Brittany Murphy, the American actress best-known for films like Clueless, 8 Mile, Sin City and Happy Feet who died aged just 32 three years ago.

She was an astonishing talent who was taken from us far too young.

2. My other all-time favourite star is the comedian Steve Martin. Father of the Bride has to be one of the greatest films of all-time.

3. I’m all a huge fan of the Kardashians and the Keeping Up With The Kardashians TV show. Khloe is my favourite – she is hilarious.


My hero

I am very close to all my family who mean the world to me. But a special place in my heart goes to be grandfather Albert Mulvaney who died in October last year.

I have the date of his death tattooed on my wrist – 20/10/15 – as a permanent reminder of his place in my life. He was responsible more than anyone for me being an actress. He supported me every step of the way early on in my career – going to all my auditions and giving me the kind of TLC you really need when you are finding your way.

I am still coming to terms with his death.


Stephanie Davis is a brand ambassador for FORZA’s brand new meal replacement Shake It Slim which is available at Boots and


FORZA Survey: Your New Year diet will end at 8.02pm tonight – and you will only be 1lb slimmer

• Fat O’Clock happens on the first Friday night after the festive break as Britons return to their normal routines;
• New Year diets last less than 10 days for 47%, with the eight days the most popular duration;
• Booze is the biggest factor causing slimmers to lapse;
• Second biggest factor is the sheer misery of January – the return to work, short days and miserable weather

FORZA’s latest survey on New Year diets has found that most slimming resolutions will be over by 8.02pm tonight (Friday, January 8) – with many dieters only 1lb lighter.

The biggest contributor to broken New Year diets? Booze – with the first Friday night after the festive break being dubbed ‘Fat O’Clock’.

New Year diets last less than 10 days for 47% of slimmers, with eight days the most popular duration.
A quarter of dieters (24%) last a month, 14% two months and just 8% will still be slimming when Easter Sunday comes around on March 27.
The results are from a new survey from Britain’s most popular diet firm, Forza Supplements.
It found the January Blues was the second biggest factor causing dieters to lapse.
Sticking to a diet just added to the misery caused by the return to work, short days and miserable weather.
The third biggest factor behind lapses was the fact that weight gain can be covered up by winter clothing.
The fourth was a friend or a loved one giving up at the same time.
Seeing a tasty snack being prepared on TV was the fifth biggest reason for lapsing.

Most New Year diets are due to fail as a result of alcohol.

Forza Supplements managing director Lee Smith said: “Dieting is a tough challenge at any time of the year but particularly in January.

“We are all feeling heavier but we also need cheering up because it is months before the next holiday, the days are short and the weather is miserable.

“It’s why so many dieters struggle to stick with New Year diet plans, despite the very best intentions.
“That is why so many dieters are using diet products to help them on their way. It makes the struggle to lose weight that little bit easier.”
Forza has a launched Shake It Slim, a new meal replacement drink developed for Boots.
Packed with 22 minerals and vitamins, it contains just 204 calories, allowing dieters to feel full yet skip meals healthily.

Five biggest causes for quitting New Year diets

1 Booze 32%
2 January Blues 24%
3 I can cover up my weight gain with winter clothes 18%
4 A friend or loved one lapsed too 16%
5 Seeing a tasty snack being prepared on TV 10%

How long do New Year diets last

1 Up to 10 days – 47%
2 A month – 24%
3 Two months – 14%
4 Three months – 8%
5 Longer than three months – 7%

Chloe Etherington: “I’m like a whale – I’ve put on 7lbs partying with Holly and Charlotte Crosby from Geordie Shore”

geordie-shore-diet belfie-geordie-shore


Hi everyone and welcome to my very first blog for Forza Supplements.

I wish I had better news to kick off my first piece but I’ve been a bit of a naughty girl!
I could put all the blame on Holly Hagan and Charlotte Crosby from Geordie but that wouldn’t really be fair.
They came over to Ibiza with me to celebrate my 20th birthday and we had an absolute blast.
Those girls sure know how to party and they took me to the best clubs in the world –
VIP all the way.
Check the pictures of me on my hols. In one I am flashing my a*** and in another I’m checking out tits (not bad if I say so myself!).



I don’t look too bad from behind as I lean over the balcony.
We got so mortal (drunk) every night.
I was on vodka cranberry juice the whole time – my favourite drink.
It’s not the most calorific drink the world – around 140 calories a time.
The problem I had was that I was doing around 12 every night and staying out till 6am.
That’s a lot of calories when you combine it with the junk I was eating when I woke up.
I was on a proper Geordie Shore trash diet.
All the worst things: donna kebabs, pizzas, toasties, all washed down by lemonade or Fanta as the perfect hangover cure.
It wasn’t all bad. I missed plenty of meals. One day we didn’t get up till 5pm! But the result of those five days of heaven with the Geordie girls is that I am 7lbs heavier. And I look like a whale.
I’m back now in North Shields and I am trying to behave myself while I lose a bit of weight.
I’ve been going to the gym three times a week and I’ve been taking Forza Supplements Raspberry K2s to accelerate my weight loss.
They give me extra energy and take the edge of my appetite when I am thinking of a trip to the kebab house or KFC.
It seems to be doing the trick.
I lost 21lbs in six weeks on Forza’s weight loss programme earlier in the summer and I aim to have this 7lbs off by the time you see me on the new series which starts on October 20th at 10pm on MTV. I cannot wait.

Holly Hagan Geordie PalDon’t try to break into your house via the cat flap

I did just say that I was behaving, didn’t I?
Well, there was one little lapse.
It was another mortal (drunken) night out – this time in Newcastle.
I got back to my mam’s where I live and could I find my house keys? Could I f***.
Anyway, it was far too late to wake up my mam so I thought I would be able to break into the house – through the cat flap!
Not a good idea. They are called cat flaps for a very good reason: only bloody cats can fit through them.
I managed to get my head through it and then I got stuck.
I was properly wedged and screaming my head off.
Thankfully I didn’t need the fire brigade to cut me out and I managed to wrestle myself free.
God knows what the cat thought.


Geordie Shore goes Greek!

It just over three weeks till the new series.
I know I am going to say this anyway but it really was a f****** blast.
Nothing Geordie girls like more than a summer of partying on the Greek islands.
I cannot reveal too much because that would spoil the surprise but all that hot sun and can do funny things to a girl.
It was the best few months of my life (except for my birthday celebrations in Ibiza, nothing will top that!) but I really paid for my fun.
My weight crept up during the filming because I haven’t got any discipline at all.
By the end of the series I had a belly like a Greek bloody waiter.
I am dreading watching back the clips because I am going to look huge.
I’m not petite like the other girls – there is some proper lard on me.
And the trouble with TV is the camera makes you look twice as big.
I just hope I don’t come across as too heavy.

How I lost 21lbs with Forza and got rid of my ‘jelly belly’

chloe-etherington-prior-weight-lossAs soon as filming finished in Zante for the last series, I started on my weight loss programme with Forza.
I was amazed how quickly I was able to lose 21lbs.
All the flab that went on in Greece came off in six weeks including my dreaded ‘jelly belly’ – that horrible loose fat us girls get around our lower abdomen. Yuck – it looks horrible in pictures, particularly when you’re sitting down.
The weight loss was down to the amazing fitness programme Forza created for me, a lot of hard work and those lovely Raspberry K2s.
Forza have just shipped up a fresh batch of K2s.
They’ll keep me on the straight and narrow while I carry on doing lots of PAs with the other Geordie girls.
The pictures here show just quickly my weight can fluctuate.
There is me looking proper porky sitting on a bench after getting back from Zante.
And then the shoot I did with Forza after I had lost nearly 2-stone. I am dead proud of those pictures.
They are some of the best ones I’ve ever done.



geordie-shore-cast-italyCiao from Italy

Who would have thought that Geordie Shore was massive in Italy?
They love us over there.
God knows how they understand the accents.
We had a blast there at a recent PA. You can see me me looking very posh with Marnie and Charlotte and the Geordie boys!

Chloe Etherington is a brand ambassador for FORZA Supplements, with products available at and other leading retailers.

Makeup Artist Jennifer Jane’s Latest Cosmetic Additions for the Perfect Smokey Eye

So, it’s been a few weeks since I have submitted a blog post but things have been so busy here in the Balearics with weddings and shoots my feet have hardly touched the ground! Things are starting to slow down a little now, so with that in mind I thought I would take the time to introduce you to a beautiful little palette I came across recently whilst working with Let me welcome the Star Dust palette from Too Faced Cosmetics and Vegas Nay. Vegas Nay is if you weren’t already aware is an extremely popular beauty blogger from the US. You can catch her on Instagram @vegas_Nay

star dust eye palette

Even before opening this palette I was excited purely by the packaging, it almost felt like Christmas! Upon opening, I was greeted by a double fold out box with some information on Naomi Giannopoulos (aka Vegas Nay) and some sample looks from the pack. One side of the box contained the palette with 12 beautiful matte and shimmery shades and the other contained a Deluxe Shadow Insurance Eye Shadow Primer, a Deluxe Better Than Sex Mascara, a Deluxe Glamour Dust Glitter Pigment and 6 glorious Glamour Guides! What more can a girl ask for!!!

smokey eye tip

Sultry shades consist of: Chandelier, Millennial, Girl’s Night, #selfie, Showgirl, Jackpot, Pink Pearl, The Strip, Follow Me, Double Tap, Golden Nugget, Sin City. As you may be able to tell, these names are inspired by social media and Naomi’s Vegas lifestyle.

make up tutorial The pigments are totally on point and easy to blend making recreating these looks a breeze, however don’t feel the need to limit yourself, go crazy, try something different, take some inspiration from London Fashion week for example, its all here, all you need is a little imagination.


These little gems are hard to come by unless you ask my friends at They would be happy to take your order, they have even given me a discount code JJ1, so all you lovelies out there ordering through this link will receive a 10% discount for those perfect smokey eyes. What’s not to love.

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Beauty Bag Essentials for your Summer Getaway

Jennifer Jane is 34 years old and lives in London. As well as being a FORZA ambassador, make-up artist to the stars and a professional model she is also campaigning to help stem the rise of obesity in the UK. Jennifer is the face of FORZA’s new Multivitamin for Dieters, a capsule that supports any diet or eating regime by ensuring you get all the nutrients required when you are cutting calories. Find out more about Jennifer.

Research finds an apple a day CAN keep ageing at bay – chemical protein prevents muscle wasting

“An apple a day keeps the doctor away”, a very popular, well-known and common phrase which has been used for decades to describe the health benefits of eating apples. However, a recent study, which was originally published in the Journal of Biological Chemistry, has suggested that apple peels could be the key component that makes an apple a genuine superfood. According to researchers, who took part in the study apple peels (along with green tomatoes) can help to prevent muscle decay and aging in elderly individuals.

As people begin to age, they soon begin to lose their muscle mass. This decrease in muscle wasting is often the cause of accidental trips or falls. Even with today’s modern medicines, there is currently no form of medication that is capable of preventing muscle wasting in elderly patients. But now a new study which has been generously funded by the University of Iowa Research Foundation along with the American Diabetes Association suggested that apples are a great way to potentially preventing muscle wasting in elderly individuals, thus making the common apple a real superfood.

Apple The Fruit Is Delicious Eaten All Ages.

The researchers who reside at the University of Iowa reported that if apple peel was regularly consumed over a period of two months, elderly individuals who were experiencing muscle wasting would significantly benefit and experience the differences produced by the apple peel. The difference and prevention of muscle wasting occurs due to a chemical ingredient which is present within the apple peel and also the likes of green tomatoes.

Muscle wasting in elderly individuals is known to be caused by a particular gene alteration which is created by a form of protein referred to as ATF4. According to researchers, tomatidine and ursolic acid that is found inside apple peel and green tomatoes, can help to significantly reduce the activity of the ATF4 protein. This then begins to reduce the muscle aging, decay and wasting, thus benefitting the elderly population drastically. Scientists and researchers have determined that the form of protein ATF4 is a transcription factor that is capable of altering gene expression and can cause a significant reduction in muscle protein strength and synthesis.

The research team from the University of Iowa conducted their overall study on a small group of mice where they closely studied the effect of tomatidine and ursolic acid on muscles. Researchers soon discovered that the two chemicals were able to significantly reduced age-related muscle weakness within the group of mice. What’s more, is at the very end of the two month research period, the muscle mass within the group of mice had reportedly increased by up to 10 percent, while the overall quality of muscles were increased by up to 30 percent.

Since the study, researchers have become hopeful that the findings from the study will help to determine the very exact factors that cause aging in human beings. In addition, researchers are also very keen and interested to discover how the two chemicals, both tomatidine and ursolic acid can be utilised in order to reduce the overall effects of aging. Previous studies have discovered that these compounds could help to prevent serious muscle wasting that is often associated with the likes of malnutrition or a very sedentary lifestyle among individuals.

The benefit of eating apples doesn’t just stop there. Apples are a known superfood, but not only for the prevention of muscle wasting but also the following health benefits:
Healthy and Happy, natural organic raw fresh food concept
• Whiter healthier teeth
• Reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s disease
• Protect against Parkinson’s disease
• Curb a variety of cancers
• Decrease the risk of diabetes
Reduce cholesterol levels
Improve heart health
• Prevent gallstones
• Beat constipation and diarrhea
• Avert hemorrhoids
• Boost immune system
• Prevent cataracts

Not so sweet! – New medical advice suggests that we should have no more than 30G of sugar a day

• The number of people in the UK with Type 2 diabetes has soared
• Experts also worry that high sugar intake is one of the main causes of obesity
• Study also found more children than ever before were at risk of tooth decay

We’re all guilty of indulging in a sweet treat every now and then, whether it’s a bar of chocolate or a slice of cake everyone loves getting their sugar fix. It is no surprise that the number of people that have been diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes in Britain has soared over the last few years. Health experts are concerned that we’re following in America’s footsteps and that soon obesity rates will be out of control.

There are a number of other contributing factors to obesity but the amount of sugar we are eating plays a big part. A recent study by the Scientific Advisory Commission on Nutrition (SACN) found that the average adult in the UK has a daily sugar intake of around 55 grams. This is nearly double what experts are now recommending we have.

The amount of sugar that Britain as a nation consumes has soared over the past couple of decades

Although there are the obvious culprits contributing to our high sugar intake, experts have warned about the so-called ‘hidden’ sugars. For instance, you might think that having a low-fat yoghurt is the healthy option but they can often contain up to 15 grams of sugar. We often forget that the amount of alcohol we drink contributes to our sugar intake. For instance, a pint of cider can contain up to 20g of sugar.

Professor Ian McDonald who is the chair of the SACN said that as a nation we should ‘[c]ut down on sugars, increase fibre and we’ll all have a better chance of living longer, healthier lives’. The study was particularly concerned with the impact that sugar was having on young children in Britain. Obesity levels amongst children have risen dramatically over the past couple of decades. It is now estimated that the a third of 11 year olds are overweight.

So what can we do to reduce our sugar intake? There are obvious foods and drinks we can cut out such as chocolate and fizzy drinks, however by also making small changes like having plain cereal or porridge for breakfast we can reduce our sugar intake.

What do you think of the recent findings? Let us know and leave a comment below!

Consuming Two Fizzy Drinks a Day Leads to INCREASED Risk of Liver Disease But Diet Drinks AVOID Damaging Effects

  • • Fizzy drinks sweetened with sugar like cola linked to non-alcoholic fatty disease of the liver
  • • And there could also be connections with heart disease and diabetes
  • • Over 2,000 participants in the study revealed how many sugary or caffeinated drinks they consumed on a daily basis
  • • But researchers did not find any link between diet drinks and NAFLD

A study shows that drinking two cans of fizzy drink on a daily basis increases your risk of liver disease. Scientists have found that people, who drink more than one sugar-sweetened drink such as cola or lemonade a day, are more prone to non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) than those who said they did not consume any fizzy drinks at all. As a result of this, they have warned that sugary drinks could also be associated with heart disease and diabetes.

However, they discovered that low-sugar diets versions of the same drink do not seem to have the same damaging effects as the fizzy drinks.

The team of researchers from Tufts University studied two thousand six hundred and thirty-four (2,634) middle aged men and women who revealed during the research how many fizzy drinks such as cola, lemonade, fruit punch, or other non-carbonated fruit drinks they consumed on a daily basis.

The participants went through a computed tomography (CT) scan in order to measure the amount of fat present in their liver, and some were identified to be having non-alcoholic fatty disease (NAFLD)

Another group of researchers from the Jean Mayer USDA Human Nutrition Center on Aging at the University, noticed that NAFLD was more prevalent among people who reported to be drinking more than one sugar-sweetened beverage every day, compared to those who said they did not drink fizzy drinks.

Fizzy Drinks-Liver Diseases
Health experts have recently warned about the damaging effects of fizzy drinks

According to the study which was published in the journal of Hepatology, there was a confirmation that there is a link after authors accounted for body mass and dietary, age, sex, and lifestyle factors such as calorie intake, smoking, and alcohol.

In contrast to previous studies, after accounting for these factors the authors did not find any link between diet cola and NAFLD.

A study author by the name Dr. Jiantao Ma was quoted as saying “our study adds to a growing body of research suggesting that sugar-sweetened beverages may linked to NAFLD and other chronic diseases including cardiovascular disease and diabetes. Few observational studies, to date, have examined the relationship between sugar-sweetened beverages and NAFLD. Also, long term prospective studies are needed to help ascertain the potential role of sugar-sweetened beverages in the development of NAFLD.”

Dr. Nicola Mckeown, a co-author of the study made a contribution that “The cross-sectional nature of this study prevents us from establishing causality. However, future prospective studies are needed to account for the changes in beverage consumption over time as fizzy drinks consumers may switch to diet fizzy drinks and these changes may be related to weight status (obese). Although there is much more to be done in the aspect of research, sugar-sweetened beverages are a source of empty calories, and people need to be mindful of how much they are drinking, perhaps by reserving this habit for special occasions.”

What do you think about these recent findings? Let us know your thoughts in the comment box below!

Superstar Songstress Taylor Swift’s secret to her toned pins and how she manages to keep fit on tour

• Taylor’s famous pins are said to be worth a staggering $40million
• The songstress is said to work out daily even when she’s on tour
• So how exactly does the stunning blonde maintain her fantastic figure?

People all over the globe know her songs and the American songstress has swiftly become a household name. It is no secret that Taylor Swift always looks incredible whether she is hanging out in California with her A-List friends or performing to hundreds of thousands of people. So what exactly are the star’s secrets to always looking amazing?

The ‘Shake It Off’ singer is currently on the biggest tour of her career, promoting her hugely successful 1989 album. However, even when on the road Taylor makes sure that she works out daily! In an interview with WebMD, the superstar singer said she makes sure to always fit in 60 minutes on the treadmill. Running is a great workout for the whole body and can help you get toned pins like Taylor.

Taylor Swift-Slim
Taylor Swift pictured with radio host Nick Grimshaw in a recent visit to the UK

It is reported that Taylor has recently upped her workout routine since she started dating British DJ and fitness fanatic Calvin Harris. Despite always keeping in shape, sources close to Taylor said earlier in the year that the singer has been doing lots of squats and lunges so she can be as toned as possible.

One of Taylor’s favourite workouts, that prove that she hasn’t forgotten her all-American roots, is hiking! The star is often pictured with her famous pals hiking through California’s stunning national parks. Like many of her celebrity friends, Taylor is clearly a big fan of switching up her workouts for maximum impact!
The stunning blonde may lead a hectic lifestyle but even when travelling the world, Taylor makes sure that she maintains a healthy and balanced diet. In an interview with Bon Appetit magazine, the star said drinks up to ‘ten bottles of water a day’ and that water is an essential part of her diet which is no wonder considering her energetic show performances.

Swift has said that her diet is all about balance and like all of us she likes to indulge in a sweet treat every now and then. In her interview with WebMD, Taylor said of her diet ‘[d]uring the week, I try to eat healthily, so that means salads, yogurt, and sandwiches’ but then at the weekend she is a lot more relaxed about what she eats and admits, ‘I love ice cream so much, and I love baking cookies.’ The talented singer clearly maintains a great balance in her life and she looks incredible for it!

Tell us what you think and leave a comment in the box below!

What are the benefits of having a personal trainer?

There are a whole host of benefits to having a personal trainer. One of the main benefits is that they can tailor your workout to you and your goals. Whether you would rather exercise in the gym or outside, your personal trainer can make sure you are getting the best out of every workout.

Personal Trainer-Weight Loss

A personal trainer will be able to help you with more than just your workout plan. They will be able to provide you with nutritional advice and advise you on the types of foods you should and should not be eating.

Personal training does not just have to be one-on-one, it can also be group based. This is perfect if you like working out with your friends. The group based training still can provide you with a workout plan that is tailored to you and trainers will often switch up the types of exercises they do on a weekly basis.

Beauty Bag Essentials for your Summer Getaway



holiday beauty essentialsWith the holiday season now in full swing the lucky majority of us will be enjoying a darn relaxing summer break with only one hindrance: the dreaded packing. Most of us take far too many cosmetics on holiday in a fit of ‘panic packing’ as we imagine a thousand different scenarios where taking twenty different shades of eye shadow is necessary. With a little careful planning you can include all of your essentials without the fear of anything being confiscated at security.

First up it is important to acknowledge that your skin has different requirements whilst you are abroad. The drying effects of air travel can be particularly harsh which, followed by the hot and humid climate behind the airplane door can spell disaster for your delicate epidermis. Add in some strong sunlight, late nights, alcoholic beverages and salt water and you have a potential catastrophe on your hands.

You may feel as though you cannot do without your daily routine; moisturizer, toner, exfoliator etc but this is not the case. Below is some advice to ensure that you don’t hit your baggage limit and spend all your mojito pocket money on getting three years worth of Clarins products onto the plane.


summer beauty bag


 beauty-bag You know all those little things that you try to put off until the last moment like manicures, pedicures, waxing etc? Do them in advance to avoid freaking out at the last minute and having to take all the ingredients with you. That being said you should pop a nail file and a disposable razor in your beauty bag just in case.
HINT: I recommend a Shellac manicure/pedicure as they generally last for 14 days without the need for a touch up.

Instead of packing your cleanser, toner and cotton wool pads try some gentle facial cleansing wipes that also remove eye makeup. It saves room and anyway, you should be too busy having fun to do your nightly pore routine.

Head along to to Boots and grab some of those handy little bottles for decanting your hair necessities into rather than dragging your 2 litre’s of shampoo and conditioner with you. Pick up some travel sized hairspray and mousse as well while you’re there.

Instead of taking a body lotion and an after sun simply double up and take a lotion that you can keep in the fridge ready for those inevitable days of over-exposure.

Swap your heavy foundation for a tinted moisturizer, which is much lighter and won’t slip off in the heat. Put some into a small screw-top container and throw in with the rest of your makeup.
HINT: Try out Mac tinted moisturisers as they contain SPF.

You do not and will not need a lipstick per day. Take a tinted lip gloss/balm for the day and a lipstick for the evening. One, ladies.

As a general rule of thumb do not leave your house without the following: black mascara (preferably waterproof) and from Max Factor, an eye shadow palette, waterproof eyeliner, cream blusher, translucent face powder. Chances are you will not need a bronzer but if it makes your palms sweaty when you consider life without it pop it in your bag as a luxury item.

Other important things to make room for are: sunscreen, mosquito repellent, paracetamol and Imodium.

Everyone at some point has had the ‘search of shame’ at airport security, with the obligatory fishing out and binning of the scissors/foundation. With that in mind here is a quick guideline:

Clear bag or suitcase – mascara, lipgloss, lipstick, lip balm, gel liners, liquid foundation, primer, moisturizer and eye drops. Anything powder based can remain in your hand luggage without the need for faffing around.

HINT: Any liquids you do take in your hand luggage must be under 100ml

summer holiday

Happy holidays beautiful people. xx

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Jennifer Jane is 34 years old and lives in London. As well as being a FORZA ambassador, make-up artist to the stars and a professional model she is also campaigning to help stem the rise of obesity in the UK. Jennifer is the face of FORZA’s new Multivitamin for Dieters, a capsule that supports any diet or eating regime by ensuring you get all the nutrients required when you are cutting calories. Find out more about Jennifer.


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