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Forza T5 Testimonial


I have always struggled with my weight and up until recently I had tried every diet under the sun with very limited success. No matter what I did, I could never find enough motivation to stick to a regular exercise plan or resist my evening hunger pangs. Weighing in at 17 ½ stone and finding myself quickly running out of ideas, I took to the internet in search of the most effective diet pills. FORZA is a well-known supplement brand in Kent and after visiting their website I made the decision to try their hugely popular T5 Super Strength.

I am pleased to say that I started to notice an immediate transformation in the way that I was able to approach weight loss. All of a sudden, I had vast amounts of energy to fuel my various exercise activities and my appetite had almost vanished entirely, which soon made the task of getting on the scales at the end of each week fun and something to look forward to rather than being just another meaningless assault on my already low level of confidence.

I am still taking T5 Super Strength and at a trim 12 stone I am not too far away from reaching my ideal target weight; something which I never would have believed was realistically possible. Despite shedding the majority of the weight, the diet pills continue to give me valuable support and are especially helpful at getting me back on track quickly if I ever have a naughty relapse. I have also joined weight watchers which helps me maintain my diet through their points scheme, now the diet pills and the dieting rules I follow really work in synergy.

The added bonus to carrying less weight around is that I actually enjoy exercise now and I go walking with my friends twice a week. We walk for about 2 miles as fast as we can, it’s not a triathlon but I sure know when I’m finished and I just feel fitter.

I would seriously recommend T5 Super Strength as part of a healthy diet and regular exercise routine as it provided me with the motivational boost required to achieve my weight loss dreams and start enjoying a new and healthy lifestyle.


Esther Rhodes